Sunday, December 02, 2007

Still orange & playing with felt......Autumn Forever!

I got really inspired by these gorgeous autumn trees I saw in Hokkaido. They were just rows and rows of them sitting quietly among the mountains. Unfortunately my camera couldn't begin to capture the gorgeous depth of those autumn colors. It was like sinking in a tub of orange crush. Its weird I know. I have a long love affair with trees. Out of 900 shots from my trip, a good 30% are trees, branches and leaves.

This was another gorgeous tree just outside one of the hotels we stayed in. The leaves look really really pretty. I think I have one of it. Not sure what I'll make it into yet. It'll come when its right. The emotionally artistic side of me has long been supressed and since uni days has started to push its way out and resurfaced. There were so much of these yellow leaves just falling like snow, leaving the city streets so gorgeously speckled! It was like the streets were paved in hues of gold. I don't wanna play favourites but autumn is one of my favourites (like how many can we have!). To quote Carrie Bradshaw, "New Yorkers treat every nice day in autumn as if it were their last". It almost felt like that. Seeing all that beauty just made me smile naturally.

Friday's dinner. Mum had a hair appointment. She usually buys dinner. Oh well. It was felt-playing time. Randomly, I took them out, arranged them, thinking about what I can do with them. When I came across the yellows, oranges and gold hues, the memories came back. I started cutting them up into leaves....

Still unable to let the orange addiction go, my crazy-dazed state led me to this! I spent all Friday and saturday on this coz I couldn't stop. An entirely unique piece, it'll be named Autumn Forever.

Not showing what it is yet! But soon.... ;+)

ps: If you're looking for wallets, we're having 7 new ones trickling into florspace!

pps: forgot to mention I'm on indiepublic. ;+) I'm pretty slow with these online communities so do bear with me! And yes, I read all your lovely comments! Thank you! :+)

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