Friday, December 14, 2007

Going red & tad nasty for Christmas

I personally love this card. I know some of you guys don't, I do apologize but take it in good humor. I know some of you guys prolly secretly feel that. Own up! LOL I do get a bit bitchy at the end of the year.

Its that time of the year, lots of eating, meeting people and running around. I'm taking it slow this year, doing the least. Its not that I'm not celebrating Christmas but the amount of consumption we indulge in baffles me. I still find joy in recreating and reusing my old Christmas trims for regifting, remaking in something or simply reusing them for a different purpose. I know people who throw out everything by boxing day and buy everything next Christmas. Do we have to do that? We need to save the earth, no pun or advertisement intended. Nonetheless, I refuse to shop at the malls this year. People who manage to navigate through the crowds in town claim it was madness. Looks like its impossible for me to join in then. I was actually at Orchard road on Monday, thinking that well, its a Monday + the rain and all, but noooooo, it was still just as difficult to do anything. DH and I ended up at Borders after dinner. While I navigate through the crowds on the road, I remembered thinking to myself that the Christmas light decorations looked a lot better when we were driving by. Hmm...

So guys and gals, while you're rushing to get a pressie for that aunt's brother's wife's sister you don't know much about, do take a moment and relish in the Christmas spirit, take a look around coz it ain't Christmas everyday afterall. Take some time to shut yourself off the craziness, sit down and do nothing for an afternoon, drink some tea, play some nice music, light a candle and watch life go by. You'll be recharged when Third Aunt comes over to gab about what happened in the year.

Candles above from Ikea. I know I took the handmade pledge but shipping candles from America threatens to empty my wallet so I settled for those from Ikea. At least its a company I respect. I'm going for a red theme this year, to combat my colorless black and white bedroom. So lots of candles and red stuff. I can't show you entirety coz um, my room's still kinda messy.

This birdcage from Sydney sits atop a super old leather hatbox from the Glebe Markets in Sydney. I shamelessly begged the girl to let me have it. LOL Its really old and creaky but I love it so much. Anyways, the light resonates against the cage and hits on the ceiling and walls. Its beautiful at night when I sleep. I'm a big sucker for such mood lighting.

Unarranged. Another gorgeous vintage birdcage. Inside lives a red bird with leaves picked from Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo. And more candles!

I do have more photos at my flickr which somehow blogger isn't happy about uploading. LOL

Hope you guys are having a wonderful time!
(listening to Surfer Girl right now. That guys is one talented dude.)

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marsha said...

ooooh, me loves mood lighting too ... love the warm n fuzzy feeling you get ... plus, it's a major chill factor, something i think we all need. see you soon in singapore! :)

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