Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Teddy Bear Land

This is the second of our Le Marais flap purse. I couldn't find much prints that look absolutely fantastic to me, except the classic dots and this really cute teddy carnival! This version is slightly bigger, 14" by 7.5", perfect for the yummy mommy that needs a few more things in her daily essentials. We absolutely love for picturesque the front flap is! The tiny teddies are all having a fabulous time at the carnival, its so much fun just to watch them!

We figured that pockets are absolutely essential, hence a classy curvaceous one behind and a patch one inside, with a cute brown hedgehog on it too! Paired with heavy interfacing & canvas inside, its one hard working purse, not just cute! ;+)

The long strap would be perfect as a convertible purse to be worn as the occasion calls for! Double it up like in the picture for a classy chic city shoulder purse, wear it end to end for a weekend messenger & remove it completely as a maxi clutch!

Don't miss this one of kind cute purse! Go See!

Le Marais Flap purse

Can't believe I made this about a month back! It started as one of those bouts of uncontrollable lusts for the Chanel 2.55 which I have a crush on for like forever now. I think it started back when I was in high school and my grown up cousins had big time jobs and could afford the black flap purses with gold chains and trims for those dinners they went to. I thought I'd do the same when I grew up. But somehow the prices when north and my sensibility caused some serious balking. I adore the couture styles and its amazing how a little bit of thought and creativity, out pops my own little version of the 2.55! Not as luxurious and expensive, its still one amazing creation I hold in my hand. 4 years later and I still surprise myself! We name it after Le Marais, a district in Paris.

I decided to give the old pre-quilted fabric a little try out. It works beautiful, albeit tricky at first but it really does look pretty good in the end. And you guys know how picky I am. :P I paired this purse with thicker interfacing inside on the black cotton. A little concave on the flap & a nifty silver turnlock later, I hold in my hand, my own flap purse. Convertible actually, from a clutch, to a city-chic shoulder bag, to a messenger to keep those hands free for shopping or for your kiddo. How cool is that? Fits your daily essentials, just enough to look fabulous.

I have one myself and this one's for you. Just the one, so don't miss it for the world!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall into Linen Collection ... The Brownies!

Whats fall without the creams and chocolates? Our little addition to the Fall into Linen Collection. Check them out instore!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Rising Sun - The City Hobo

We had this amazing print for a while now. I love that it combines traditional Japanese prints in a modish way. I never got an inspiration for a purse coz it was so beautiful by itself, any design didn't seem good enough. Moreover, the fabric was a little delicate. Just yesterday, I flipped through my fabric box and found this again. I had wanted to do a hobo and suddenly everything clicked, and Rising Sun was born in an afternoon!

Since the print is a little thinner than our usual cottons, with a little bit of interfacing and a marine grade canvas top and inside, its now ready to be a hard-working tote!

Traditional Japan in a chic, modish, city twist. Do you like? ;+)

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Matryoshka Lime!

2 cute new purses instore!

Limey goodness never look better! a little zest for your wrist makes a perfect going out day!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Autumn Fern Mommy & Me Hobo

Mommy & me Hobo tote set! We figured since so many of you guys asked for matching totes for you & your kiddo. :+) This is a pretty, classy chic take on the Japanese kawaii zakka style, lace & all, perfect for the yummy mommy and her little girl! It is most certainly roomy enough to carry all your daily essentials, your A4 documents and even your notebook!

Features a removable espresso polka dot ribbon that you can re-tie anywhere else! We love that it makes a perfect neck scarf or even a belt for your kiddo! A one of kind version, check it out at our shoppe! ;+)

Saturday, September 04, 2010

A/W 2010 Fall into Linen

In a blink of an eye, its september 4th! Our Fall into Linen Collection is trickling into the store. A little write-up about this little collection...

My love for the natural linen look started as soon as I set eyes on copies of Japanese zakka-esque craft magazines around 2005. Being a virgoan, I am somewhat automatically drawn to earthy tones and well, chocolate being my default fav has stood aside since while I drool all over the bright pictures in the mags featuring purses & interior crafts made out of a combination of that amazing natural, oat colored linen. Of course it naturally lead to a maniacal search for the perfect natural canvas material for my totes right after I started florspace. I needed something thicker than the common, quite flimsy summer linens mostly for summer suits & dresses. After a long while, I got what I wanted. A beautiful, natural-looking, grainy yet smooth & squeezable raw canvas that I couldn't get enough of! Unfortunately the supplier stopped producing this particular fabric & I berated myself for not investing in bales of it while I can. I blame myself for being out of town when it disappeared from right under me. Since then, I have found a replacement, not quite the same, but quite perfect in itself. That is of course, the same material that goes into all the totes that we make today. We have used this natural canvas for a while now and coupled with our stabilizer, its performance is pretty decent. Just as many of our happy customers!

Hence, this little collection of a dozen totes, with selected prints that celebrate the amazing & versatile raw, natural linen, we call it Fall into Linen. We are certainly in love, are you falling for them yet? ;+)

Linen Apples is looking all proud, with a little insignia at the bottom that somewhat resembles a store front, don't you think? ;+) We are also in the midst of switching our ribbon D-ring tabs to all fabric versions to make them much stronger & more swingable!

This beautiful Sunday Print from Shinzi Katoh will be our last as the fabric is out & retired. The beautiful canvas fabric is both adorable & super duper hardy! This tote set is perfect if your belongings tend to be a little heavier than usual (like mine! :P).

Keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the collection & some wallets popping into our shoppe this weekend!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Fall Collection sneak preview

A little peek at what's gonna land in our etsy store in September. ;+)

Do you like yet?

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