Saturday, September 04, 2010

A/W 2010 Fall into Linen

In a blink of an eye, its september 4th! Our Fall into Linen Collection is trickling into the store. A little write-up about this little collection...

My love for the natural linen look started as soon as I set eyes on copies of Japanese zakka-esque craft magazines around 2005. Being a virgoan, I am somewhat automatically drawn to earthy tones and well, chocolate being my default fav has stood aside since while I drool all over the bright pictures in the mags featuring purses & interior crafts made out of a combination of that amazing natural, oat colored linen. Of course it naturally lead to a maniacal search for the perfect natural canvas material for my totes right after I started florspace. I needed something thicker than the common, quite flimsy summer linens mostly for summer suits & dresses. After a long while, I got what I wanted. A beautiful, natural-looking, grainy yet smooth & squeezable raw canvas that I couldn't get enough of! Unfortunately the supplier stopped producing this particular fabric & I berated myself for not investing in bales of it while I can. I blame myself for being out of town when it disappeared from right under me. Since then, I have found a replacement, not quite the same, but quite perfect in itself. That is of course, the same material that goes into all the totes that we make today. We have used this natural canvas for a while now and coupled with our stabilizer, its performance is pretty decent. Just as many of our happy customers!

Hence, this little collection of a dozen totes, with selected prints that celebrate the amazing & versatile raw, natural linen, we call it Fall into Linen. We are certainly in love, are you falling for them yet? ;+)

Linen Apples is looking all proud, with a little insignia at the bottom that somewhat resembles a store front, don't you think? ;+) We are also in the midst of switching our ribbon D-ring tabs to all fabric versions to make them much stronger & more swingable!

This beautiful Sunday Print from Shinzi Katoh will be our last as the fabric is out & retired. The beautiful canvas fabric is both adorable & super duper hardy! This tote set is perfect if your belongings tend to be a little heavier than usual (like mine! :P).

Keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the collection & some wallets popping into our shoppe this weekend!

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Cindy said...

Love your new collections in the shop. They are Gorgeous!!

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