Friday, September 29, 2006

All American Retro

That's All American Retro sitting on my bed of Mini Zippereds!
He's strong, quirky and a bit red in the face...

Beautiful Japanese cotton twill, red inside, marine blue zip with 2 matte white buttons.

5" x 3.5"

Vintage kitty - SOLD

SOLD - snapped up in less than 3 hours by Eva, she bought up 2 of my other sale purses too! Thanks so much Eva! ;+)

Vintage yukata fabric with Hello Kitty on it! Love this fabric loads so I wanted to share. Whipped this up in a moment and she looks all pretty!
Blue printed Japanese cotton outside, red cotton inside. :+)

There'll only be one.

Any takers?

5" x 3.5"


Secret Launch - The Red Train Pocket Wallet... - SOLD

Secret Launch! Um, it has to be coz its just gotten its thumbs up from friends and family but I can't make it in large amounts yet. :P One, its tough, 2, my labels have ran out (*yikes*) and 3, I'm still searching for really good materials. Yes, I'm narcissitic & a total nazi with my creations. I get suicidal when My stuff turns out bad so it takes lots of concentration for good stitches!

This fabric is my absolute favourite and I don't have lots of it. Its a Japanese import, made of really soft cotton-twill printed with really sweet quotes and cute animals. Its on etsy now so take a look if you're free. ;+)

*note: Flickr is not letting me upload anything till next month so everything would either be here or on etsy.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Pocket Wallet

I made this today! I was too excited trying to figure out how to do this in my sleep, I was jolted awake at 6am. :P Anyways, I didn't leave the bed till 12. *LOL* I had a late night so I slept in a little to figure this out somemore. As soon as it came to me, I was out and making.

This one's a bit of an experiment and I'm going to use it personally (like I always do) to see if its good enough to sell. I wanted a wallet to stuff my cards and a place for coins too. I added a back pocket for easy access to subway cards. Somehow I'd always manage to lose mine when I reach the gates. *tsk tsk* I'm not exactly thrilled with the experimental version so it'll definitely get better. ;+)

I promise there'll be more for you guys! Just need a couple of comments on it.
Is the snap button the best to hold the purse together? I was thinking a magnetic button or even a slip in little belt loop. Hmm...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fabrics & me

Its a Monday night and its sleepless in singapore again. Lush 99.5 is playing, its stimulating for writing so I thought I'd say something about my hoard. Untill recently, I had fabrics all over the dining table and kitchen table. I'd do my measuring, cutting, sewing over the kitchen counter because that was the most workable place. Unlike most kitchens, mine is super clean, thanks to mum. So it was overtaken by me, fabrics, trims, tools, buttons, paper, interfacing everywhere. It was madness. My mum wasn't please and she was going out of her mind screaming at me. So, I got a storage drawer amoire from Ikea (typical!) and hurled all my sewing stuff into it. I also got a box for my interfacing roll. It looks like a missile actually, even more so when I was dragging it home on my tired ass couple of months ago. :P

Everything's neat now. I went on a quick fabric hunt on Sunday and found some really cute Japanese print twill. Grabbed 1/2 yard of each, some zips and thats that. My fabric hoard is ridiculous. I can only hope it won't overflow the storage drawers. Cottons have filled up one whole drawer and its very heavy. I don't have a lot of each fabric so I use them carefully. I do experiments on cheaper fabric, use them for a while then decide if its good enough for the better fabrics. Its kinda like dress-making. I'm a virgoan, therefore a perfectionist and to add to my own misery, I'm an all or nothing person. Do it right or don't bother. I can't live with my sewing not perfect and loved.

My paypal account's been cleaned out recently coz I was on a furious hunt for Japanese canvas cotton, the printed ones with trees, owls, mushrooms and bunnies on them. Unfortunately, it wasn't very fruitful but still I did get a bunch. They are awfully expensive though. My fabrics that I get locally are much cheaper even though the quality's fantastic. I'm a total nazi with feel of things. I'm permanently allergic to untouchable fabrics like mohair, bad linen and low-cotton count fabrics. My bedsheets are egyption cotton or I won't be able to sleep. I don't wear linen ever and I got a really bad rash from trying on a mohair jumper sweater when I didn't know better. So, suffice to say that I'm only into the good fabrics, especially when I know they'd turn out well. Like decorator weight fabrics, canvas cotton, cotton twill and maybe those fancy types.
But, I try not to use Alexander Henry and company because they're too common! Pretty they are, but still. However, I love working with fabric scraps, vintage finds and people's charity. People are always telling me, hey I have this cloth I don't know what to do with!

So now you know about my ridiculous hoard of the good fabrics, my weird personality and my good ethics!

p/s: I can be really lazy though... before becoming a sewer, I was a full-time procrastinator. *laughs*

Monday, September 25, 2006

New Collection! - SOLD!

All sold! but more coming...but not much...

New Collection!
Originally uploaded by florspace.
Super cute purses up for grabs!

I Heart Pink Strawberries - SOLD
I Heart Yellow Strawberries - SOLD
Red Train - the super cute midnight express! - SOLD

Love them all...super great touchable cotton twill fabrics from Japan...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Lady Daisy - SOLD

Lady Daisy
Originally uploaded by florspace.
3rd Lady Daisy!
She's as pretty as ever, with the beautiful feel daisy fabric and mini white printed fabric interior.

Lovely milky ivory zip and pearl button.

5" x 3.5"

Orange Country Chic - SOLD

Designed by Florence of Florspace!

Pretty vintage cotton country fabric with lovely orange flowers over gingham.

Orange cotton inside, pale pink zip, 2 cute matte white buttons arranged vertically on the purse.
Reminds me of those pretty vintage country dresses. ^__^

5" x 3.5"

You know where to find it! ;+)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Citrus Crop Circles SOLD

Citrus Crop Circles
Originally uploaded by florspace.
The beautiful fabric was tough to capture! Promise it'll be much nicer in person. ;+)

Reminds me of crop circles on the green fields!

Adorned with a vintage yellow button.

Yellow zip & interior.

5" x 3.5"

Metropolitan Girl

Mod Pink Classic Tweed
Originally uploaded by florspace.
A little serious, a little flirty, always looking for fun!

Beautiful grey tweed with tiny bumps. Soft and great to hold on a chilly day. Adorned with a found vintage celluloid button and chill melon zip. Pink inside!

5" x 3.5"

About the zippers...

*yikes* I can't get to sleep and its 4am on a Friday night, not to mention that I have classes early Saturday, means a couple of hours from now. I was sewing all day today coz I went out on Thursday, my birthday, to pick up supplies! I had great deal from some really nice people! I think I made like 7 mini zippereds and finished my friend's custom foldover. Not quite finished yet coz the straps and embellishments are not done yet. Can't wait to though! I think I love what I do too much. I mostly do something I love rather than do something to sell it. Maybe unless its purple. haha I hate purple and have no idea why. I love the smell of lavender though. Then one day my other half said, "but thats purple too!"

So, I wanted to do some informative posts alongside my colorful purses! Some of you may have noticed that the zippers I use are not the official ones for bags, i.e., with the bigger zip heads, a bit cutout circle at the end types and with bigger plastic teeth. Thing is, I find them rather plastiky and loud, coz everytime you zip them apart, they make this really loud zippy noise thats unnerving. :P I mean, who needs to know you're zipping apart your purse? *LOL* And the other thing is the big plastic teeth kinda tends to get caught in the fray strings of your bag, pocket, hair?, etc. So, with my "experience" of the bag zippers, however much or bit, I choose to use the ones for clothes instead. They are slimmer in everyway. Maybe even classier? The zip heads are smaller, which means it won't get in the way or stick out if you decide to stuff your purse into your pocket. But I choose the ones with the little hole at the end of the zip head so if you're the compulsive sort and need to add a dangle to your purse, you can still do so. ;+) The zip body is a lot finer so the teeth probably has a very slim chance to get caught in anything. Best thing? Its really "soft" when you zip them apart so no one knows you're secretly hiding something or um, whatever it is you wanna do...

Yeah, thats it.

It must be the double shot espresso I had this afternoon.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Sunday Stripes

Sunday Stripes
Originally uploaded by florspace.
Here it is! The long awaited Sunday Mini Zippered!

That same wonderful fabric with the milky ivory zip and interior.

5" x 3.5"

Lady Daisy - Sold!

23/9 - Snapped up by Carol! She is beautiful...not much of the beautiful fabric left. Couple more coming... ;+)

Lady Daisy
Originally uploaded by florspace.
2nd Ed. Just as pretty!
Has that white pretty fabric inside!
Pearl button adorns the outside.

5" x 3.5"

My Purse has eyes

My Purse has eyes
Originally uploaded by florspace.
Who said purses have no feelings?

This guy can look back at you and say, "be nice!"

Super pouch for your daily essentials. Great to carry around coz the thick stipe cotton twill fabric is lovely to hold!

Stripe Cotton Twill and hot pink interior, with one pocket. Purse eyes is securely stuck on. Face is a cute white button with really big holes. Hot pink cord was twirled around and zig-zagged sewn for the background effect.

10" x 5.5" x 2"

Red Delicious - SOLD

Red Delicious
Originally uploaded by florspace.

Sold - Part of a swap to Christine, together with Paisley girl and Yellow Strawberries. ;+) She is my new fav girl. Read the link to find her! Yeap, there will be re-runs.

The ever polular Red Delicious is making a few more appearances coz her dear owner's running out of this lovely japanese twill fabric! *yikes*

Pick it up while you still can...

Cute double-rimmed white buttons adorn the outside. I can't decide if the smiling star beside them is happy or secretly annoyed.

5" x 3.5"

Still $5


Originally uploaded by florspace.
Part of an order for my great friend Angela.

Chocolate corduroy which is so hard to capture on camera. With a sweet pink inside. The white button, matte and half-spherical, reminds me of the mint in choco mint. ;+)

The bag's coming! Promise! Yikes, I just got lazy. Just didn't want to work on it when I can't do a good job....

Lady In Red - SOLD

Lady In Red
Originally uploaded by florspace.
Red Damask & Pearls made for the sophistication in you!

I unearthed this very lovely fabric and turned it into purse fit for classy dinners. Matching red inside and zip for one great purse!
The pearl button completes the look.

5" x 3.5"

Doll - SOLD

Originally uploaded by florspace.
Super cute japanese dolls playing with their Temari!

Fabric was picked up by me from a Kyoto market. I don't have lots of it and I was comtemplating if I really wanted to use it. Well, it made it to this very lovely purse with cute pink zip, button and inside!

5" by 3.5"

Striping Lavender

Striping Lavender
Originally uploaded by florspace.
Secret - I hate purple! *shrugs*

But I love the feel of this fabric a lot. I had no idea why I picked it up. It seemed like a good idea at that time! So I got one purple zip and it fitted right in with this & voila!

It actually looks cute!

5" x 3.5"

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Lady Daisy - SOLD!

Lady Daisy
Originally uploaded by florspace.
*I forgot to blog this, listed it on etsy and its gone! Tracy Harvey snapped this up in a day! Don't worry, there's more coming. Though the milky ivory zip's hard to nab. :P

Two of the prettiest fabric, according to me! *laughs* The printed cotton daisy fabric is wonderful to hold and pretty to look at! Inside is an understated white printed mini flowers on white cotton.

She was tough to capture, actually a much prettier green in person! Its a proud day for Lady Daisy! (no oopsy daisys allowed!)

Lovely high cotton count printed exterior with a white mini flowers cotton interior. You can see the lovely shapes materialize when you hold it up to the light! Both are interfaced for a sturdy purse.

Milky ivory zip.

Pearl button adorns the purse.

Perfect for your coins, keys, lippy, cards, mints...
And for when a big purse is just too much. ;+)

5" x 3.5" height.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Paisley Girl - SOLD

The Paisley Girl
Originally uploaded by florspace.

Sold - part of a swap to Christine. There will be re-runs. ^__^

2nd Ed.!

Just as sweet as her sister who's gone to Hawaii. ;+)
With a lovely pearl button.

5 x 3.5"

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Nautical Twins - Bleu is SOLD!

The Nautical Twins
Originally uploaded by florspace.

23/9 - Bleu is gone to Anahit! Rouge is left all alone now...its so sad seeing her cry when Bleu had to go! But the rest of the zippereds are all with her. Hopefully she finds a new home soon and be really happy!

Finally they are born!
The perfect Nautical Twins, born healthy and fun!
They won't leave each other so you might have to consider getting them both together! Or risk seeing them cry in loneliness!
But I'm sure like all other kids will grow to find happiness with you. ;+)

5" x 3.75"

The Lemon 2-incher

The Lemon 2-incher
Originally uploaded by florspace.

Made this sexy little fella for my purse.
He's a tiny 2-incher with a vintage button.

Email me to see if I can whip up another. ;+)

5" x 2"

Heck, I'm selling it.

I can't live with a 2-incher that's sexier than me.

Rouge Marine 2nd Ed.

Rouge Marine
Originally uploaded by florspace.
This guy is red and dangerous! Like his previous squad mate, he's from the blue zip contingent.
Trained to go on any mission out to sea but he'll always come back!

He promises to stick with you no matter what!

5" x 3.5"

Miss Stripey 2nd Ed. - SOLD

One more Miss Stripey for the road!
All in her perfect striping goodness! ;+)

5" x 3.5"

Monday, September 18, 2006

Pool Edge - SOLD

Pool Edge
Originally uploaded by florspace.
Oh man!
It was so hard for me to let this button go!
Its vintage, and the only one lying around.
But it gives this purse such an edge, I had to put it on.

This whole design reminds me so much the pool & bar little building on the edge of the sea at bondi, sydney.

The lapping waves, the lazy music, relaxed setting and clinking of martinis...

Classic sexy, yet edgy. ;+)

5" x 3"5

The Lemon Polka

Lemon Polka
Originally uploaded by florspace.
Classic vintage polka made citrusy!
This guy is sweet & sour, like the lemon candies we used to suck on in the past. The candy button completes the memories!

Yellow dots vintage cotton and lemon cotton interior. Both are interfaced for a sturdy purse.

Lemon zip. ;+)

Features a clear lemon vintage button.
There's only one of these lying around and it made it on this purse!

Perfect for your coins, keys, lippy, cards, mints...
And for when a big purse is just too much. ;+)

5" length, 3.5" height.

Red Delicious - SOLD!

19/9 - yikes! this sexy babe is gone too! To Jo in IA, USA. Hope she has a great life! I'll be out to pick up more zips for more of these! Keep your eyes peeled!

Red Delicious
Originally uploaded by florspace.
2nd edition.
Slimmer, sexier version. ;+)

Still juicy, still delicious!

5" by 3"

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sweet Memories - SOLD

Sweet Memories
Originally uploaded by florspace.

4/10 - Sold to the cute Lynn Phan!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
And so are you!

She is totally a sweetie pie and promises to sweeten your day with her mesmerising dots and red satin rose.

Can she be any sweeter?

5" by 3.5"

The Paisley Girl - SOLD!

The Paisley Girl
Originally uploaded by florspace.

18/9 - yikes! this girl is gone too! to Julie in Hawaii. spoken for and on her way to a better life! ;+) more coming though....

Sweet as Can be!

I don't usually go for paisley but was really delighted with this find at the bottom of my stash!
She's made up to be really cute with a precious pearl button on top.

Meant to be loved! (Like her Sweet Memories sister ;+)

5" by 3.75"

Friday, September 15, 2006

Book Tote - SOLD!

16/9 - damn, that was quick! Tracy Harvey snapped up this tote together with the mini zippered! I'm trying to see if I can make up another mini zippered to go with the clutch. ;+)

keep your eyes peeled!

Book Tote
Originally uploaded by florspace.
I love this fabric! I was contemplating if I was going to sell this or use it myself. Then I made one for myself and it became the centre of attraction when I made a recent trip to the library with it! So, this other one's for you. It was pre-washed so it won't shrink or anything if you want to gallavant in the rain. ;+)

The fabric was expensive so I didn't get much. I have a super clutch and a mini zippered in it and thats that. Promise you'll love it!

Thick gradient stripe decorator cotton fabric was used, sewn with french seams. Milky Latte Woven cotton straps are placed slightly wider for carrying comfort and it won't hurt even if you lug a lot in it. And the cotton straps have been triple stitched so it won't fall apart, promise.

Measures 12 1/4" by 9.5" (Slightly bigger than US Vogue)

Lightweight. Good for 2 big magazines, and then some.
Or fold it up and stuff it in your purse for those unforeseen moments when you need a bag but don't want to be seen carrying plastic baggies.

There's a coin purse in a similar fabric up for grabs too! Check my shop...

*Machine washable on a short 20min cycle with gentle detergent. Softener not recommended. Warm iron.*

Sunday clutch

Sunday clutch
Originally uploaded by florspace.
Super Sunday clutch! perfect for the markets and sunday brunches.

Oh the laziness!

Thick gradient stripe decorator fabric was used, with a cute pocket inside. ;+)
Closes with a magnetic snap.
Measures a whopping 11" by 7"

There's a coin purse up for grabs too!


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Chocolate Foldover

Chocolate Foldover
Originally uploaded by florspace.
yummy chocolate!
i love the chicken foldover at mcdonalds so that was the inspiration!

soft chocolate corduroy exterior that took me a long long time to find!
the flower were messy layers of torn baby pink gingahm fabric. a white pearl adorns the top.
Closes when you fold it over and tie the frayed straps.
Adjustable super long straps to fit anyone!

super kitschy vintage disney print interior! Its a vintage fabric unearthed from my mum's collection from 20 years ago. ;+)
has pockets too!

19" Full height, 12" folded height, 12" wide at top, 8" wide base, 4" base.

You know where to find it!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Lemon Sailing

Lemon Sailing
Originally uploaded by florspace.
Ahoy matey! Super cute lemon sailor is docking in your space! Is he coming on shore? You decide...

Super cute trapezoid purse in cream & yellow linen. Very classic. ;+)

Miss Stripey - SOLD!

Purses galore!
Originally uploaded by florspace.

Miss Stripey is sold...more coming though! ;+)

New zippered purses up for grabs! I made Miss Stripey in the middle today, together with a couple'd see.
And you know where to find them!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Blanc + Noir No.1

Blanc + Noir No.1
Originally uploaded by for_florspace.
Black cotton twill, inside and out. One pocket inside. clip strap outside. Use it as a pouch, clutch or hand-swinging bag while you gallavant. ;+)

Weird 6-hole matte white button and grosgrain ribbon adorns the outside.

9" x 6" x 2.5"


berries - SOLD!

23/9 - Sold to Nina! And I thought no one wanted this cutie!

Originally uploaded by for_florspace.
super cute coin purse! Its small, but not too small. zippered top, red interior with a cute pocket! strawberry fabric is thick cotton twill from japan. ;+)

5" x 3.5"

The leftover tote

The leftover tote
Originally uploaded by for_florspace.
I made this tote for my mum. The beautiful Indonesia batik fabric were leftover panels from making her suit yonkers ago. So I thought it was a nice idea to turn it into a bag for her. There was a FQ left so I made a zippered purse for inside too! She doesn't know it yet so hope she likes it! ;+)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday In Circles

Some stuff I made today.
Despite my injured arms lugging around 3 tons of notes to class yesterday.
The afternoon lecturer didn't turn up so I went shopping for more sewing goodies.
Bagged some buttons, clips, cloth, the usual. But lugging around that weight wasn't funny.

Here they are!

Had these Vintage orange bangles forever. I think they were from my childhood or something. Anyways, I thought they went well with the cute square-round tic-tac orange button I unearthed from my mum's old sewing machine drawers. I enjoy digging thru people's junk a lot, you see. ;+P
The nice dotty cotton fabric and yellow cotton lining are new though. Fully interfaced for a sturdy purse. One cute pocket inside, a nice yellow flap outside. The top part of the flap at the back isn't sewn so you can hide something in it. ;+)

Measures 8" x 6" x 3"

SOLD - Red Delicious Purse. Perfect for your coins, key and card when a full purse is just too much. ;+)

Adorned with a vintage white button and white satin piping. Fully interfaced with a cute pocket inside.

Measures 5.5" x 3 1/4"


Saturday, September 02, 2006

First Post

Hi all,

I wanted a nice place to post a bit of my write up of my creations and some random ramblings. Took me a while to find a decent looking blog without all that complicated computer-lang tags. Bye bye LJ (livejournal) and Friendster. :P

Anyways, you know where to find me now.

SG people, Auctions

To End Mass Production

To Curb World Hunger

Love lots,

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