Friday, September 29, 2006

Secret Launch - The Red Train Pocket Wallet... - SOLD

Secret Launch! Um, it has to be coz its just gotten its thumbs up from friends and family but I can't make it in large amounts yet. :P One, its tough, 2, my labels have ran out (*yikes*) and 3, I'm still searching for really good materials. Yes, I'm narcissitic & a total nazi with my creations. I get suicidal when My stuff turns out bad so it takes lots of concentration for good stitches!

This fabric is my absolute favourite and I don't have lots of it. Its a Japanese import, made of really soft cotton-twill printed with really sweet quotes and cute animals. Its on etsy now so take a look if you're free. ;+)

*note: Flickr is not letting me upload anything till next month so everything would either be here or on etsy.

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