Friday, September 15, 2006

Book Tote - SOLD!

16/9 - damn, that was quick! Tracy Harvey snapped up this tote together with the mini zippered! I'm trying to see if I can make up another mini zippered to go with the clutch. ;+)

keep your eyes peeled!

Book Tote
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I love this fabric! I was contemplating if I was going to sell this or use it myself. Then I made one for myself and it became the centre of attraction when I made a recent trip to the library with it! So, this other one's for you. It was pre-washed so it won't shrink or anything if you want to gallavant in the rain. ;+)

The fabric was expensive so I didn't get much. I have a super clutch and a mini zippered in it and thats that. Promise you'll love it!

Thick gradient stripe decorator cotton fabric was used, sewn with french seams. Milky Latte Woven cotton straps are placed slightly wider for carrying comfort and it won't hurt even if you lug a lot in it. And the cotton straps have been triple stitched so it won't fall apart, promise.

Measures 12 1/4" by 9.5" (Slightly bigger than US Vogue)

Lightweight. Good for 2 big magazines, and then some.
Or fold it up and stuff it in your purse for those unforeseen moments when you need a bag but don't want to be seen carrying plastic baggies.

There's a coin purse in a similar fabric up for grabs too! Check my shop...

*Machine washable on a short 20min cycle with gentle detergent. Softener not recommended. Warm iron.*

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