Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fabrics & me

Its a Monday night and its sleepless in singapore again. Lush 99.5 is playing, its stimulating for writing so I thought I'd say something about my hoard. Untill recently, I had fabrics all over the dining table and kitchen table. I'd do my measuring, cutting, sewing over the kitchen counter because that was the most workable place. Unlike most kitchens, mine is super clean, thanks to mum. So it was overtaken by me, fabrics, trims, tools, buttons, paper, interfacing everywhere. It was madness. My mum wasn't please and she was going out of her mind screaming at me. So, I got a storage drawer amoire from Ikea (typical!) and hurled all my sewing stuff into it. I also got a box for my interfacing roll. It looks like a missile actually, even more so when I was dragging it home on my tired ass couple of months ago. :P

Everything's neat now. I went on a quick fabric hunt on Sunday and found some really cute Japanese print twill. Grabbed 1/2 yard of each, some zips and thats that. My fabric hoard is ridiculous. I can only hope it won't overflow the storage drawers. Cottons have filled up one whole drawer and its very heavy. I don't have a lot of each fabric so I use them carefully. I do experiments on cheaper fabric, use them for a while then decide if its good enough for the better fabrics. Its kinda like dress-making. I'm a virgoan, therefore a perfectionist and to add to my own misery, I'm an all or nothing person. Do it right or don't bother. I can't live with my sewing not perfect and loved.

My paypal account's been cleaned out recently coz I was on a furious hunt for Japanese canvas cotton, the printed ones with trees, owls, mushrooms and bunnies on them. Unfortunately, it wasn't very fruitful but still I did get a bunch. They are awfully expensive though. My fabrics that I get locally are much cheaper even though the quality's fantastic. I'm a total nazi with feel of things. I'm permanently allergic to untouchable fabrics like mohair, bad linen and low-cotton count fabrics. My bedsheets are egyption cotton or I won't be able to sleep. I don't wear linen ever and I got a really bad rash from trying on a mohair jumper sweater when I didn't know better. So, suffice to say that I'm only into the good fabrics, especially when I know they'd turn out well. Like decorator weight fabrics, canvas cotton, cotton twill and maybe those fancy types.
But, I try not to use Alexander Henry and company because they're too common! Pretty they are, but still. However, I love working with fabric scraps, vintage finds and people's charity. People are always telling me, hey I have this cloth I don't know what to do with!

So now you know about my ridiculous hoard of the good fabrics, my weird personality and my good ethics!

p/s: I can be really lazy though... before becoming a sewer, I was a full-time procrastinator. *laughs*


Mila said...

Hello, I just found your blog at flickr and your creations are very beautiful!!!!
Congratulations! I will visit you to see your new accessories! ;)
See you...

florspace said...

Oh, thanks for stopping by!
You're too kind! ^__^

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