Saturday, September 23, 2006

About the zippers...

*yikes* I can't get to sleep and its 4am on a Friday night, not to mention that I have classes early Saturday, means a couple of hours from now. I was sewing all day today coz I went out on Thursday, my birthday, to pick up supplies! I had great deal from some really nice people! I think I made like 7 mini zippereds and finished my friend's custom foldover. Not quite finished yet coz the straps and embellishments are not done yet. Can't wait to though! I think I love what I do too much. I mostly do something I love rather than do something to sell it. Maybe unless its purple. haha I hate purple and have no idea why. I love the smell of lavender though. Then one day my other half said, "but thats purple too!"

So, I wanted to do some informative posts alongside my colorful purses! Some of you may have noticed that the zippers I use are not the official ones for bags, i.e., with the bigger zip heads, a bit cutout circle at the end types and with bigger plastic teeth. Thing is, I find them rather plastiky and loud, coz everytime you zip them apart, they make this really loud zippy noise thats unnerving. :P I mean, who needs to know you're zipping apart your purse? *LOL* And the other thing is the big plastic teeth kinda tends to get caught in the fray strings of your bag, pocket, hair?, etc. So, with my "experience" of the bag zippers, however much or bit, I choose to use the ones for clothes instead. They are slimmer in everyway. Maybe even classier? The zip heads are smaller, which means it won't get in the way or stick out if you decide to stuff your purse into your pocket. But I choose the ones with the little hole at the end of the zip head so if you're the compulsive sort and need to add a dangle to your purse, you can still do so. ;+) The zip body is a lot finer so the teeth probably has a very slim chance to get caught in anything. Best thing? Its really "soft" when you zip them apart so no one knows you're secretly hiding something or um, whatever it is you wanna do...

Yeah, thats it.

It must be the double shot espresso I had this afternoon.

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