Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Etsy finds

Having taken the handmade pledge, I felt obliged to empty my pockets for more handmade and old timey stuff. *kidding* Its just tha etsy has so many talented artists and wonderful thrifted items, its so hard to resist! Here are some recent purchases. Those nifty red number tags are from Kellie @ everyjotandtittle. A very gorgeous & successful (4120 items sold in a year!) store full of tags you can't hardly resist! I've got a couple of items from her. I'm not sure what I'll use these numbers for yet, but I'll figure it out. ;+) They look so retro Christmas!

And of course, I've decided to finally (*gasp*) grab this Sunrise thermos from the wonderful Tonya @ HappyDashery. This does remind me of California Dreaming incessantly. If you're a retro fiend, you have to click yourself over right now. Interesting retro knick knacks on gorgeous backgrounds makes it so tough to resist. Coincidentally, her shop was opened on my birthday too! She was so sweet to say that I could treat her shop as a perpetual birthday gift for myself. Can't wait to see what she's got next!

Of course, there's the other items to build my dream retro kitchen. I've been having a nagging need to have a kitchen to cook and bake. Domesticity is the new black! This is one cute gingham trivet! Isn't the veggies in that jar just precious....

Swedish style Toleware tray. Finally I own a perfectly adorable vintage tray! There's a great debate in my head about using it as a catchall or a wall deco...hm.

German mixing spoon. I should quote Tonya, "This fantastic bright yellow mixing spoon was made by Dr. Oetker, a famous German company that makes baking mixes and supplies. The company, founded in 1891, still survives today." There's something about the shape at the end and the slim squarish handle... talk about a problem!

Fire King Strawberry Shortcake mug. For obvious reasons, I had trouble navigating away from the listing. I own a 1979 Strawberry Shortcake in the ballet set. I still have her in fab condition and love her loads. I'm just starting to learn about Fire King so this lovely milkglass would be my first. How nice!

Potato Masher. I think its the pictures but I had a nagging feeling this cutie would be one of those retro kitchen gadgets a wifey must own. Uh, sometimes, its the feeling. Anyhoo, there's something about the wire going up and down, and the faded red handle. What was its history?

Riegel Tablecloth. This is almost a must in every retro kitchen! I've got good memories of these tablecloth, in a retro bar with red stools or out for picnics. The only thing I'll need next is a good picnic basket.

Tonya even included this swanky Riegel ad with the listing. Hmm....it'll warrant a printout for the kitchen wall. That reminds me, all I really need now is a real kitchen. I live with the folks right now so mum gets territorial. Its still collecting now. Hoarding is my hobby anyways. :P

Ah, how can etsy purchases go without fabric? LOL I found this Waverly retro fabric from lovedovevintage. Its tough to find good vintage fabrics these days and I've got no interest in repros from Alexander Henry.


Shakty said...

what a great post!
I could spend hours on etsy
thanks for the links
Enjoy your day!

Missy said...

So many great finds! I say hang the tray so you can enjoy it every day and use the numbers as an advent calendar. Funny that you bought that fabric, I was looking at buying some of it too.

Missy said...

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