Friday, November 30, 2007

Go Big......Or Go Home. (Steal-it prices!)

That wasn't meant to be an insult or a command or anything. Its just that, I made a mistake of bringing my tiny little tote to Japan and it could barely house my "essential" belongings, let alone hide anything I manage to get my hands on from the stores, from my parents, that is. Well, usually its hiding purchases from DH but my parents can be just as naggy. Why are we girls destined to hide purchases (price tags, clothing tags, you name it.) ?! That I never understood. As if it was something to be ashamed of. Dang. So, came the desire to make big things to um, hide more.

Anyhooooo~, I thought it was time for additions to the Grande section of florspace, which has been empty for a while and has yield some disapproval from people. Sorry guys & gals! The winter market tote was first. That gorgeous linen was just sitting around in my cupboard, waiting to be turned into something for a long while. Sometimes I can feel my fabric calling out to me, to be made into something they want to be made into. I k now its weird. Talk about having a problem! If I make them into something they dislike, comes the problems during sewing! LOL Yeah... This tote will be your best friend during those winter markets, when you have to lug flowers, produce and all those yummy yard sale finds when all those other peeps decide to cower at home with hot chocolate. We market going people will not stop going to the markets! Wind, rain, snow, summer or winter! Yaaay! Its a steal for the fabric and size @$42 right here.

And it gets bigger! Yaaaay! I used some of this gorgeous uplifting rainbow stripes for the covering of my sewing essentials cupboard coz it was getting unsightly, as my mum would constantly say. So the size was perfect for this cheerily, slightly (or very?) Mexican, rainbow gigantic tote! I've got a pillow, a flask and a big Ikea fleece throw all in that tote right up there. Stuff are all clean of course. I'm a clean freak btw, and I cleaned that chair before I took pictures. As you all noticed, I'd seldom shoot outdoors because of weird looks and icky surfaces. I had to do it for this one and one other big tote, coming later! ;+)

Signature fold corners! Non-wastage of fabric too! And it adds a bit of something, than the usual square corners, don't you think? ;+) Look at that perfectly aligned sides! LOL (I'm amazed myself...)

There, you can see the flask right here. Throw on the left, pillow on the right inside. The size is perfect for family picnics and going off to the beach. All that stuff to carry! Also great for the gal who needs to lug craftivities to sell at the local market! No more unsightly china bags that break when you don't need them to. Double stitching around the top and triple stitching on the handles means your stuff stays in. If you need the flat rope tie for extra security, just ask!

Thats the pocket and how it looks like reversed. One lady used to tell me that my purses get a bit too brighty for winter. No worries, just flip it around for the yummy understated cream inside. Yaaay! 2 bags around the year! A steal @$49, right here!

ps, if the large totes get icky, just throw them into the washing machine with some mild detergent. Warm iron and its ready to use again!

One more to come...stay tuned!


brittany said...

I know it's always a guilt trip when I talk about how much crap I buy. My mom buys things and then won't wear them for a while and when my dad asks where she gets them she goes "Oh i've had this for months!!" It's pretty hilarious.

Missy said...

All the bags I own are big for that same reason! (Oh ya- I also have to carry crap around for 3 kids.) Great job on this! More prints please!!!

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