Wednesday, November 07, 2007

For 5 smackeroonies ONLY!

Alright, its here again! ALL my MiniZs in the Petite section is at $5! This one's for all you slowcoachers out there. hehe Haven't picked up Chrissie gifts for your loved ones? Go here.

Remember, everyone at florspace is on vacay from 10th to 23rd so shipping happens after that. We'll pack and ship everything on the 23rd or the day after so it'll be in time for Christmas. ;+)

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Hazel said...

Hi Lyn,
I have been neglecting surfing people's blogs! Hopefully I caught you just before you go on vacation, have a great time. You have certainly been searching out some fun stuff on etsy recently, love the tiny birdcage you bought (I have a few dotted around my house) and the apple jackets - how cute :D
Have fun!
Hazel x

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