Friday, November 23, 2007

Hello boys and girls....

Boo. Just wanna say hello before I hit the hay. How were you guys when I was gone? Been good? Santa's watching! Yeap, I'm back, for a couple of hours that is. Some of you guys may have known, I was in Japan for the past 2 weeks or so. Its been quite a great trip, the only problem was um, the lack of money and energy to do more. It was quite an unplanned trip actually. My folks just wanted me to bring them around and act as their translator. Then I figured out that it isn't really that easy. I think the luggage made it worse.

Thats the stack of fabric I manage to grab while given the short time and stress from crowds. Still quite a gigantic stack, I had to let it come by SAL. It fitted just nicely into the largest Yuupakku from Japan Post. 19kg worth and um, yeah, my dad and I carried it to the PO nearby. Looks like I have a bad habit of extra boxes when I make my Japan trips. Still, thats not including more stuff I bought! I'd prolly need a bit of time to sort the stuff and pictures out. Be a little patient with me! Orders are running in so our little factory would be up and running this weekend. Imagine those puffy chimmneys! *toot toot!*

Had this stack before I left. ;+) Its the Mushroom bunch. Coz I really wanna have a mushie kinda Christmas. I miss the warmth of fireplaces, the smell of roast turkey and snow on the window ledges. Nothing says "awwwww~!" more than mushrooms, non?
Coming soon. Will be under the Private Reserve Collection.

Then of course, there's the mini strap pouch. ;+) I like how this picture almost says, "Time's running out! Now mush!" heh heh

Time to get some shut eye. Post office tomorrow.

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marsha said...

now that is uber kitsch ... love it!

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