Saturday, November 03, 2007

Etsy Finds

Its jewellery like these that makes my heart palpitate like nuts. I'm not a huge jewellery wearer, usually just one cool piece somewhere and I'm done so its really hard to go past this Vintage Brass Butterfly Cuff from JewelsofLuxury. The cuff is so detailed and vintage it makes it really difficult not to keep staring! She has quite a couple of interesting pieces like the watch part necklace. I go so soft for lost time-esque pieces. All my strict saving rules go out the window, literally.

While we're on the topic of luxury, I nearly fell off the chair when I saw the Voltaire. Its been my lifelong dream to own one of these french historical pieces, if I may say so. Though this one's a plastic version with rubber coating, good for outdoors, where you can show it off, what else! For prices like these, you wanna get all the attention. Not a genuine vintage, but hey, look on the bright side, literally. ;+) From modernfront, with loads of other yummy pieces to lust and drool after.

One more shoutout of objects of lust goes to Satchelman. No more dusty and musty old doc cases from the vintage market. This one's new and made to order! A while back, I was obsessed with the idea of these doc bags. Peeps who know me, well, know that I like everything to do with docs. *eye roll* Its up to your imagination there. But I couldn't find any in decent condition in the markets and antique shops coz they were well, really icky and I had little knowledge on how to clean 'em, not to mention patience. LOL So there, the doc bag I've been looking for. Though, its to lust-for, for now. The man calls it a "swag bag" though. Anyone to elaborate?

Still feeling rich & got pennies to throw? Scoot over to pakokeco for these enfrancais flashcards you'd need when swinging through Paris with your honey. I've got one + a load of her tags! Its so reasonable and of fab quality, makes shopping sooooOOO easy, you wanna just go and grab her whole shop full of yummy things! I warned ya, scrapbookers especially.

Don't forget to "Tell someone you heart them" this holiday season! Gocco printed (Heart Gocco!) by the wonderful Jackie from littlestflower. She's got affordable artworks (limited prints!) in her shop! And that's SO hard to come by at etsy coz peeps like to creep their prices up. Jackie offers these simple yet beautiful white frames with the artworks, perfect for any room or decor. They are light and easy to put up. I've got 2 in my room stuck up with just plain ole blu tack & it works! There's something about the simplicity of her designs that makes me smile everytime I see it. I've got more to come! yaay!

Speaking of simplicity, I found this little girl by accident! Oooops, I mean little dress. LOL I know, I know, I'm not a baby person but if I had one, she'll be wearing this. Isn't that just darling, non? Its so roadworthy, I'd bring her to the Plaza for dinner. I guess most baby clothes we see on the streets just don't cut it. Go shop with babyleila & get your babes decent clothes! They ain't kidding with the handmade for modern kids motto. Thumbs up.

Oh Momma. That's hot. I can't help it but felt that way when I found this couple of days ago. Dang, why am I not a mom yet? Sweet yet sexy~. Moms out there, you have to grab this and wear it! You'll be the coolest momma in town. If the picture doesn't grab you, what would!? From paisley33, its only $20. :P

While you're still shopping for the holidays, do check out Sugarcane's yummy bags! She lists so many grest stuff, its tough to pass up! I know I make bags too but you gotta check hers out. Great wearable sizes, superb quality and interesting constructions, yet afforable for everyone. She's got a great passion for bags so the outcome of her creations tends to be fabulous! I'm loving her slouches, especially Electric Dreams up there. They make perfect pressie for moms, aunts and sis or keep it for yourself like I always end up doing. I'm dying to own one but my vacation/biz trip is looming! Get there before I do peeps.

Isn't that CUTE? I never knew it was possible, well, maybe remotely but there, up on my screen is an apple jacket! Well jacquelineknits do make jacket for pears too and even tea bag holders! Life's precious and don't we all have it covered now? ;+)

I'm still pretty excited waiting on the arrival of my new birdcage, so I was pretty happy to find this on the homepage of etsy. I guess the birdcage fever's not just me. ;+)

Or is that a real fever? Damn those exam papers. Getting distinctions (or As in US-talk) is a plague. Once its attained, its hell keeping up. Torture torture. But we all have finger-shopping to keep us busy and well, entertained. Don't forget my shop, if you're still picking things up for stocking stuffing! ;+)

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Missy said...

You have such great taste! I love all the items you featured.

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