Thursday, November 29, 2007

Belated ramblings & thanks...

Borrowed Thanksgiving table picture by Sassygeek.

Its been tough trying to get back to the temperatures here. Hokkaido was snowing and I was there on the 1st snow day. How fun it was standing in the freezing temperatures trying to catch snowflakes on my tongue. The food was so fresh and fabulous it was tough not to keep eating. I miss the potato pancakes most. Its such a simple thing, but yet so homey and yummy. Kinda like how Anton felt when he ate Ratatouille. Heavenly. I left Hokkaido after 6 days and proceeded on to Tokyo. Hokkaido was on a tour group thing so it was cool having to experience mountains, autumn trees, glorious food, hot springs, Japanese-style rooms and city life all in one go. Tokyo was by ourselves coz I was supposed to bring my folks around. Well, um, it was difficult; the population had grown so much in a couple of years. We did have fun there. Brought them around Akiba, Meiji Shrine, Harajuku, Shibuya, Shinjuku (The crazy KK queue!), Ueno Zoo, Kaminarimon, sensoji and Odaiba. Odaiba was really pretty. I thought the Tokyo beach thing was an overkill but it turned out to be really beautiful. We sat there during sunset, with the rainbow Bridge in view and stuff. Of course we had to visit Yasukuni Shrine. Its my favourite place right now. Wish I could go back to see it when the Cherry Blossoms are in bloom. There was a monthly flea market there too. Couldn't resist picking up a couple of bargains.

I still miss that place loads and the ramen shop guy in Tamachi knows us coz we frequent it too much. LOL Oh the katsu-kare is amazing stuff. ;+) We stayed at the gorgeous Villa Fontaine. Mum thinks its too quiet but its great for me. It was new, chic, spacious and tastefully decorated. Sitting way above an office block, we're assuming its for the working people and expats.

Oh yes, thanksgiving. There's actually no thanksgiving in Singapore but I'm going to pretend there's one anyways. And its not past November so I'm in time. right? ;+)

Thankful for people who heart florspace.

Thankful for the support of so many wonderful people who buy from florspace.

Tremendously thankful to people who take time to say so much nice things to me, in feedback, emails, flickr and blog comments.

Thankful for wonderful parents who put up with me, mentally and financially.

Thankful for wonderful DH who consistenly put up with my nonsense, even when I yell at him.

Thankful for a bunch of wonderful friends who are constantly there for me.

Thankful for the chance to do a second degree.

Thankful for motivating lecturers and co-operative project mates.

Thankful for great course results! (Got a credit for Macroecons *phew!*, HD for A/C, DI for computing and Marketing. Darn I expected HD, but oh well!)

Thankful for the existence of wonderful people on etsy who give me great discounts on their items, swaps with me and generally being so nice!

Many thanks to Emma, who listened to my problems and being so wonderful to me. She takes great pain in creating those fabulous bags, so go visit her and say hi for me.

Thankful for the existence of fabulous fabrics and zakka!

Thankful for people who make mushrooms.

Thankful for wonderful swap people, who send me so much more than I bargained for!

Thankful for awesome bloggers & flickrites who consistenly keep my nights entertained!

Thankful for the existence of Lush 99.5fm.

Thankful for the small bunch of shop assistants online and offline who make me wanna go back for more and more. (Not so nice people, try to be nice!)

( that it?)

Okay, Many thanks for any other thanks I should be thanking for. LOL

Super cute Snoopy for you guys! Happy belated thanksgiving!

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