Sunday, January 13, 2008

I need cheering up...Tastee Treats

School starts tomorrow. I guess this is about the worst phrase anyone can imagine? I'm not sure about you, but my second degree is a pain in the ass/arse. Its too clinical, unfeeling and capitalistic. Making stuff is my only escape from this unfeeling world of money money money. Worst thing is, I just found that out today. There's no time to mentally prepare. Plus, there's a problem with getting lectures online so I'm lugging my textbook there tomorrow. As if it'll help. I think the hour long bus ride makes me faint. DH is looking at my timetable now and he's knitting brows. I think he isn't happy.

Anyhoo...not to dump negativity on you fabulous people, I've discovered this really adorable silkscreen art print called Tastee Treats by lfop aka Little friends of Printmaking. Its the only thing that makes that tiny gleam of fire flicker in my sunken heart. Say Awwww! Do check out the other prints in their etsy store! They are sooooooo cute!

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