Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Etsy Finds

@$70 for the size, it might be worth its weight.

Faced with my own uncertainty, I almost always look backwards. Thats when I start to look for ancient clock tickings, vintage wallpapers and John Lennon. Unable to let him go, I gasp in wonderment when I found this Lennon shadow box by troygua. I'm almost too lazy to surf through ebay nowadays, 'cept maybe to find the odd basket or ancient sphymonometer-whatchamacallit. etsy's still the best right now. Anyhoo, I'm rather tempted to unload plastic funds for this, regardless of my recent Japan trip that blew the whole year's budget. Jez. This box is not the usual tiny art you see on etsy, but a decent 10". Something you don't need a magnifying glass for, even when the gramps & ladies come for tea. I have a black & white bedroom, so... (DH, are you listening?)

Is Lindsay worth the mantel? Large box, @$135

If Lennon's not your cup of tea, he's got Hendrix and Kurt Cobain & the gorgeous Prince. Of course, there's the infamous hollywood bad girls. I think this Lohan relief actually makes her worth the mantel, non? I'm loving the Paris one too.

edit: You should prolly check out his site. And Troy says he does commissions so if there's anything you want. And his latest work is to drool for. All that mod colors just make me wanna hop into a time machine. or not, coz Troy won't be there. My personal fav is Mom's Bad Lungs on the front page, under New Work. *gurgles*

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