Monday, January 07, 2008


We have restocks!

I'm gonna keep this short coz 1. I need the loo, & 2. DH is complaining. Restocking of old favourites in the florspace shoppe has been on the have-to-do list for a while now and I manage to dedicate a couple of days to do them. With some determination and dilligence, they are up!

Look at the amount of work! Stretches as far as the eye can see....I'm glad I have some help. :+)

Time to shop yet?


Hazel said...

Hi Lyn,

My goodness you are certainly a busy lady! I am very impressed. Just wish I could get myself into gear after the Christmas holidays. Perhaps your blog post will inspire me to get sewing again :)

Ana said...

These mini zippereds are so cute!!
I go to your Etsy shop almost everyday to see what's new, and always have to resist the impulse to buy these cuties! But after Xmas, I'm kind of short on money... :( And, like you, I also decided to save more money this year...

But once I've saved enough and some to spare, I'll be sure to grab a few things at your shop! ;)


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