Saturday, January 19, 2008

More mush for the everyday rush

I got a problem! I'm ridiculously addicted to these retro mushrooms and I've got no way of getting rid of them! In fact, I'm down with the retro bug and it looks permanent! Help!

LOL If um, you happen to be in my boat, come join the retro side. Everything's so beautiful, colorful and did I mention the possibilities are endless? The age of space travel, lava lamps and Supertramp. Uhhhhhhoooooo~~~

o-k-a-y....its getting a tad ridiculous. Overheard - "Earth to Lyn!" *deep breath* DH was busy the other day ranting on and on about Derrida & Heidigger's ideas (he's doing Phd) and while "listening", I managed to finish these lovely mushie pouches! Yaaaaay! Its a 'brighten up your everyday' pouch! Use it on its own to travel light, or put one in your purse so you'd smile everytime you open up your bag! They all got cute gingham inside and zippers with holes so you know what that means! Customize it & make it yours! Hang that voodoo doll, or the cute plastiques florspace always includes with your orders! Woo hoo!

Did I get your hearts palpitating yet? They've got removable clips! Use them everywhere! One great tip from a friend - put them around the boyfriend/husband's belt loop and put the wrist loop around your wrist and taa daa! He's not going anywhere now, is he? *evil chuckles*

Still at the fabulous price of $22, right here!

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