Sunday, January 27, 2008

Going Japanese...

I miss Japan! Ok, I'm not a fan of their rush hour, but hey, they don't intentionally ram you on a crowded bus just because they "need space". hikes means more people on public buses, but that doesn't mean invasion of someone's 1-inch breathing space! Relax dudes, everyone else is just as exasperated as you are. And puhlease....carry your gigantic totes in front of you. Carrying it on your shoulders mean ramming someone else with those icky corners. I don't even want to think where its been. Tsk.

*deep breath* Enough complaints. The weather has turned ridiculously hot recently but I've found its easier to do daily runs. I've been running! Yaaaaay! It was tough to start but DH really encouraged me to and now, I can do 5kms with minimal rest walks in between. Size 6, here I come! LOL

I've been hoarding these basketfuls for a while! We're going Japanese here at florspace, loads of long-awaited reloads and new things! Lemon Doll is new and we have 3 new designs of Sakura prints, which makes 4 in total! Let's go hanami! ;+) Check them out!

Woo-hoo! Stacks of new fabulously made MiniZs, hot off the table! (literally. LOL)

(Need a strap on your MiniZ? Make it a MiniZ+! Its a new thing, coming soon @ florspace!)
You can make a request, for now, because we love you! ;+)

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A glance at my world said...

I love all of your miniz's! I make like zipper bags for fun but I don't have much cool fabric...where do you get your fabric at??

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