Friday, January 11, 2008

Cotton, Candy & Carnival!

New Collection for Spring 2008!

This collection is inspired by the good times at canivals when I was a kid, but most of all, the Luna Park at Sydney where the good times pepetuate! DH and I had fun there, searching for our inner child, screaming our hearts out on the rides, having fun knocking the teeth out of clown heads, winning softies and rushing for the Lemonade stand to refresh. Our outings always ended with a ride on the ferris wheel, where it gets chilly during sunset and we get to wind down for the night...

Miss Everyday Cupcake here didn't make the picture above coz she was too busy whoofing cupcakes on the window sill. Oh well. She's part of the collection anways! A bazillion ways to eat cupcakes! A cupcake a day, keeps the blues away. Even if you're on diet, this is a guilt-free way to brighten up your day! :+)

I thought this would be a great way to start the year! Instead of working your asses off, stop for just a tiny bit, and indulge in something rewarding. Look for your inner child, bake some cookies or go to a fair. Be nice to yourself in 2008!

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