Friday, October 20, 2006

From Andreia!

From Andreia!
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Fabric vs stationery swap with Andreia...

She must have used like the super pony express or something....they came like after 3 days?! I love love love everything!

There was a big yard of Sanrio fabric, pink, blue & super lovely,
apple incense (yum!),
1 pink pencil,
1 silver pen,
cute fish clip,
matchbook notepad,
a bag of outrageously cute buttons & red bon bon trim,
cute blue earrings I totally love & am wearing right now,
precious blue bead long hat pin,
2 wooden dot heart pendants,
AND my favourite surprise of all, 2 very very cute glass tubes with wooden beads in them.

Thanks so much Andreia! Thats waaaaaaay more than I expected! ;+)

*deliriously happy*

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