Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mag tote

Mag tote
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Ugh! Sick again! I'm allergic to my medication and the sudden surging heat over here. That's one big reason why I hate being on the equater, its hot all year round. The crowd out there is horrible too. Staying home beats going out anyday. Sorry guys, I'm a tad late in posting stuff coz I can't get out of my house without fainting and breaking out in a sweat and itch. No worries about your stuff though. They have an enclosed area which is clean, cold, dry and pet-free.

I managed to mail some stuff out only today (Sorry Dawn!) coz the temperature was slightly lower. More going out tomorrow. I'm also working on a big black cruise tote for Carolyn. Though I won't go too near it until I'm fit to do a good job. The material is super so touching it now might mean ruining it. :P Can't wait though. Lousy sickness.

yeap, Mag tote! This is the last of its kind. No more material of this anymore! Its horizontal stripes, very cool...super for lugging your newspapers or magazines around. Library tote, office tote, hell even groceries! Its sweet & chic. French seams, triple stitch on the cotton woven straps, ensure comfort & safety.

On etsy now! ;+)

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