Friday, January 19, 2007

Gripe & finds

Yaaay! Another day of some great finds! I found this really adorable Hello Kitty memo holder thats in the shape of a tomato cart! Wasted no time in grabbing it. It goes great with my cute chest of drawers too! Couldn't resist the urge of using flickr toys to create this mosiac! I also got Lego Star Wars figures for DH coz he mentioned it the other day. We have been playing Lego Star Wars on PS2. hee!

I went out with mum today supposedly on a clothes shopping trip. The funny thing is that since I started florspace, its been nothing but fabric shoppping! I used to get a real rush from finding cute clothes, accessories & shoes(!!) but now all I feel is dread going to the local sticky malls (I got that description from Shrinkle :P) coz it'll be nothing but a ton of people, hell yeah, even on Tuesday morning or something. When I got back here from Sydney, I kept asking my mum & friends when I go out weekdays, "Don't these people work or go to school?!" Suddenly, I feel like living in a 3rd world country. Add some rifle-wielding uniformed people at the subway stations & malls, and you've got Somalia (DH said that). So I braved that thought today and went out anyways. As confirmed before, even though I downed coffee, the overstimulation of variety & crowd left me breathless & lethargic. Mum commented I don't look like this when I fabric shop. Yeah. Thats because I go in there, grab the ones I love most and walk right out! Spending 6 hours at a mall isn't just my thing anymore. I hate browsing. All those walking around ads only makes my bank account unhealthier. Maybe its for the better coz I noticed the clothes were terribly made with less than wearable materials. I'm a total sucker for great workmanship & good materials. Things must not fall apart after 2 wears. Though, I did end up with 2 decent black tees, one with a cute toaster print and one other with circular squiggles. I was happy. (to get out of the mall, finally.)
News about florspace....I've been buried skin-deep in fabrics & orders so if you're looking for me, please unearth the pile and come ask me what happened. I don't know how or why, but suddenly the good Lord has blessed me with a shitload of orders. I'm so happy people love my stuff so I am working my butt off for everyone out there! One note of caution, if I catch you (or anyone who reports to me for that matter...) removing my labels & selling my stuff (at a higher price!!) without my consent, you & your generations will be voodoo-ed & banned from florspace forever. Apologies if I sound like a horrible vermin, but I do mean it seriously. If you were the one working your butt off, you won't want it happening to you. DH & me love cats, but spit on copycats. Peace.

I am really really looking forward to spend more time working on the Spring/Summer collection coz I have a ton of really really gorgeous fabric waiting to be made into fabulous things for all of you out there. Please, bear with me while I get everyone sorted out & happy! They will be trickling in on etsy so check often!

GO florspace!

p/s: I dreamt of my Grand-dad last night. If you were paying attention, you'd have known that he passed in November 06. I have always regretted sorely not visiting him on his last days. He did not say bye in some funny way during the funeral which usually happens for me during others, so I'm awful glad he came to say hi last night. I really miss him so much. He seemed happy in the netherworld with my granny & my aunt, made me wish to join them soon...

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blossomhill said...

Hi Lyn,
I know what you mean about those big malls. We don't have any here where I live now, and I don't miss them too much, just the choice of fabrics!
Nice visit from your Grandad in your dreams. I think about my Granny often, she passed away almost a year ago now.

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