Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Ballerina Set & stuff.

Hey everyone, thanks for the lovely concern & everything, I'm kinda sick of feeling sick. I'm feeling a bit better so, I got to work and finished some of the custom orders. Yeah, I'm crazy about my sexy white machine & I'll die without caressing fabulous fabrics.
( head just jack-hammered me again!)
I listed some stuff yesterday anyways and they were gone in a day! I'm just glad people are happy with them. Jem in Canada got my Red Train mini for Christmas and was telling me how much use she actually got out of it! *jumps up and down happily*
Oh, I was bored of my old banner so I thought i'll make a new one (above). Its simpler, though slightly pathetic, I'll change it when I can. I'm not very good at it and I used paint. :P Its on etsy already I believe.
SO....finally decided to sit down and list my very lovely creation, the Ballerina set. I managed to get only one pathetic FQ of this gorgeous Japanese import fabric. Its like egyption cotton or something, so soft to hold. I know it coz I sleep on only 400thread count sheets and above. I decided to make it into one of those classic small totes & mini. Naturally, after hours of decision, I came to the Japanese denim. Somehow everything else just didn't look right. I used a slim strip of baby pink satin ribbon to bridge the gap of tough and soft. Sweet pink inside with a big patch pocket. Magnetic snap closure this time for added security. 12" double sewn handles means it goes from hand to arm, maybe to shoulder if you're blessed with slim arms. Mini Z included of course, matched with oatmeal zipper and a milk ivory inside. All in all, the perfect set for a little ballerina or keep for yourself! Great for gallavanting trips....
More cool stuff coming.

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