Tuesday, January 30, 2007

At the cafe...

I'm writing on the public computer at a swanky cafe in Vivo City, overlooking Sentosa. No prizes for guessing which one I'm at and by the time you get here, I'd already left. haha Anyways, I'm not used to using a keyboard anymore, I mostly use my notebook so my typing becomes a lot retard.
I attended a wedding dinner last night. My cousin's. The legendary party girl is going down the dumps. Oops. She's marrying a great guy whom she has spent the last decade together with. Good for them. I'm just not the marrying kind. Sorry. Anyways, I was late, as usual. DH had work so we took a bit of time to get ready. Before that, I was watching Paris's video on The Superficial. I know I shouldn't have spent my get-ready time on the comp. As expected, I had my usual crisis. A wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear. I decided on a gathered, layered black dress that made me look like a 12 year old. Threw on my crop jacket, my usual charm necklace and my platform Chris Lou's for good measure. At least I look somewhat grown up. DH was looking swanky, his new crisp white tailored shirt with ginormous stand-up collars and ultra chunky cuffs. He was wearing the new twisty cufflinks I got for him for christmas. Nice.
Took a cab and rushed in while the food music was playing. The bride and groom was already in. We were ready to dig in moments later. Great! No waiting. Honestly, I'm not a banquet person. I'd escape at the mention of it so I'd be dragged to one screaming and crying if I ever had to. This one was my second this year. A month ago, it was my other cousin. I wore pants. SO?
The dinner ended surprisingly quickly with little to no awkardness. I got to try Wolfblass's new Eagle hawk range. Cabernet Sauvignon, no less. Young wine, but has good flavor and is robust. Leaves a tingling spicy feeling on my tongue right after. Good stuff! Everyone left soon after since it was a monday. I took a stroll down Orchard Road with DH. I don't remember much except I was drowsy and sputtered nonsense. DH won't tell me what. :P I'm surprised I managed to stumble home with my patent leather shoes intact. LOL
I'm out today to get fabrics, the Moleskine exhibition at PageOne and generally to drink coffee, lots of it & to bask in lovely Tuesday. I totally love my job! I've already listed a really lovely wristlet for V-Day. ;) Its really really nice and I really want to keep it. Sigh.

More coming! Visit me.....

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