Tuesday, April 07, 2009

16 NEW CUBES & 4 New Large Capacity Wristlets!

We had a quiet release of about 6 new cubes about 2 weeks ago and they were swept up quickly! Suffice to say we've requests for them so we took sometime, work ourselves to no ends to come up with 16 new ones this time! Some reloads, some good old renditions and most of them adorably NEW! We'll be off on vacay soon, I'll be doing my yearly visit to my other half in Sydney, Australia and the rest of the poor overworked florspace elves will be given a break for 2 months, before we come back and work ourselves hard again! These cubes are plenty of time, concentration, buckets of sweat, even blood coz we prick ourselves too often to even think about 'ouch'! No way does any blood or sweat actually plops on these precious cube coz no one wants that, literally! LOL The lovely satisfaction comes when its fresh off the sewing table and I beam at each one, proud of how adorable the cubes look! I never had a child before, but I imagine its a little like that. ;+) We never compromise on quality, so you can be sure florspace things will see you thru your everyday activities! Yaay!

We've also got 4 new Large Capacity Wristlets for you girls who have loads to carry even when trotting off to lunch or to the nearby stores! These happy cuties will hold your wallet, cell, tissue, cards, keys, even a small camera all safely inside! Just pull the strap over your wrist and off you go gallavanting! Wooo-hoooo~!

Check them all out at the florspace store! & be quick!; ^____~

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