Thursday, October 04, 2007

Eat flowers, stress, carving, orange

Important note!
Thanks for everyone's recent orders but due to a crazy busy week of tests, assignments and projects, I can only make a postal run on Saturday morning. I'm pretty much packed 9-9 everyday which isn't really good for post. Everything's packed and ready to go so no worries. To know when I've mailed your package, check for records on etsy or you'll receive a shipping notice from me with the tracking number. My sincere apologies and I promise it'll get better! Though, if your order is urgent, let me know asap so I can do something.

Ok, with the important note out of the way, I was supposed to write this last night or monday night. I realised my situation just got really bad so I thought I'd better update everyone. Its been a really bad time for me, with very very little sleep and its made me super cranky! I'm really lucky to have mum helping me with sewing. There's very little time to sew these few days and I'll prolly not get to do that for a while. I'm dreaming a lot about the needle of my machine going up and down. LOL I'm still secretly caressing and sniffing my fabrics, just to curb the addiction. sigh. So.very.tired. I miss eating wafer flowers in the night.

I was bored the other night so I carved these at 4am coz I was too hyped up to sleep after doing a project report. They don't look fantastic coz I'm still very much a novice at stamp carving but really hope I'll get better with practice! DH got me a whole load of rubber stamp carving things from his trip the last time and snail mailed it to me as a birthday pressie! Oh and he included a simpsons DVD pack too. I can't remember which season it is but its got maggie on it. It'll add to my collection. Woo-hoo! New Simpsons DVD to spice up my old re-runs! I wanna take a pic of the pressie but you know, work and all. I'm hardly ever home in the day and its the best time to take pics. Night pics are forever crummy!

FAA orange parcel swap package received! Last weekend I made a patchwork out of the materials in the packages hoping to have time to turn them into a bag this weekend. Here's hoping! Thanks everyone who sent my such fabulous things. Oh, one of the packages included a round tin of lifesavers. My classmates had a swell time over the design of the push tin. They thought it was a twisty top but turns out its a press top and puff sides for closure. We had a good laugh over people who didn't get it. Suffice to say the yummies inside didn't last long either!

Oh wait, I'm in blogging in class. Gotta go!


marsha said...

Lyn!!! That girly stamp is SOOOO CUTE!!!!!

Annie said...

Well, I guess I can understand what you are going through. This week has not been a smooth one for me. Closing period but somehow the bank recon refused to 'give in' to me. Actually I did received ur sms msg but was vexing over my work stuff, so sorry for not replying.
Gosh...thank goodness I will be reverting back to a full-time student by end of this month. Wish me luck that I won't bug u whenever I am lazying around then. *sniff*I ain't that talented like you so will a lazy couch potato when I am out of job. Haha...have a nice weekend then! Take care and dun overstress urself.

Jill said...

I love your stamps, Lyn, and I hope things get better for you. <3

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