Monday, October 22, 2007

Recent Obsessions

I'm not sure if its my current situation (eeep!) but I'm thoroughly obsessed with birdcages right now and etsy has got sooooo many to offer. I know, I know, I'd already bought one and have another from Kiki's Delivery Service. I still *hyperventilates* get excited when I see them. It seem to be all about the beauty of being caged when seen from the inside and not being caged when seen from the outside. Jez, now I'm not even make sense no more.

I'm such a vintage fiend, going after loads of letterpress swirls and curls, table & kitchenwares and stuff. So its no wonder how this one birdcage really really captured my attention. I'm obsessed with its unique construction and how perfectly aged it is. It comes with a red bird from PaperFlowers. She even has a life-like nest with 2 robin-blue eggs among other really interesting and lovely things. I'm already in heaven.... Don't buy them, coz I, um, really want them. (:/ self-reminder: vacation in Nov, vacation in Nov....)

I've also stumbled upon LilyMoon, who has really gorgeous insightful prints and offers so much to think about....The one above is the Aviary Keeper, the turquoise/aqua combination just blows away. I especially like the guy lying under the tree, keeping watch over the birds in the gigantic cage. How fairy tale like!

Can you keep a secret was another print that really captured me. Actually, I'm not sure how to explain it anymore. I'm more of a sensual person. Somehow explaining it away can kill the feeling. ;+) Anyways, I'm really feeling the dialogue between the little lady at the side and the birdcage lady. Hmm.....whats the secret?

Of course, we'll never go past theblackapple for really cute girly prints, like this trio with birdcages. I also liked a 50s birdcage pillow from Olive. And a pretty cool birdcage assemblage from uncommonart. It just keeps getting better!

Anyways, there's a really old bird shop down at Balestier road and I'm seriously thinking of buying a real one and maybe respray it in red or black and using it as a form of deco, installation or lighting source. Just worried its gonna crowd my tiny room. Tsk tsk, decisions, decisions. We'll see.

Ok, besides cages, I've been on the lookout for a vintage tiny coffee/end table. I'm liking some of the kidney formica tables but haven't found anything pleasing yet. Though, I saw this map table from Bombus who makes really fab vintage things a while ago and haven't been able to forget. There's something about the map and the siletto legs together thats so ironic. LOL My budget doesn't really allow for that yet and the salvo shops and old stores doesn't seem to have anything decent yet. I hate waiting sometimes but yet we all know that the best comes to those who wait. I'd always buy something then wonder, what if something better comes along? Its a bit like men. LOL + *eye roll*

Then I came across this really nifty idea from dottyral who makes the ever famous emery pin cushions; they keep your pins sharp. This cute little ring pincushion is for the girls who find the red pincushion ala Vera Wang a bit passe and in-the-way, no offence to Vera's fans (I like her designs though). I found it sliding around and the surface area of the cushion was a bit big and I tend to get itchy wrists after a while. I'm pretty sure dottyral's ring version would solve those problems and bring a bit of fun to sewing. Hey that little cushion holds more than enough pins for a project people. LOL

(checkered flag!)

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Missy said...

I'm so glad you love that. I do too! I don't think you can have too many birdcages!

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