Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Less talk, more pics - Weekend + Boxy Pursuits

God, its Tuesday already. Where has the time gone? I spent Saturday edging people around at Tampines Ikea. That place is like a huge warehouse but its still crowded. What gives? But I'm a big fan of Ikea anyways. I finally got around to buying shelving for my room and loads of odds and ends can finally get off the floor. Maybe the mess was giving me nightmares. Its still a tad messy but there's room to walk now. I'm starting to wonder why would I need so much physical possessions? On the upnote, I've packed up my wardrobe and gave away some stuff to the salvos, but I've retained quite a pile for fabric and recycled crafting. Wait, did I just come up with that word? Whatever.

Sunday was hell. I was up early and was working all day. Dad was a great help. He drilled in my new curtain rod. The old one barely covered 3/4. Yeah, I was living in shame all along. LOL. And he did my shelves and wall hooks. They all had a vintage look to it which was what I was looking for. I'll put up a picture of the wall hooks later on. ;+) Then it was shifting time. I had a new space beside my bed for the black drawer chest. DH bought me that vintage bird cage I was looking for so that goes up there. I'm planning to have pictures on the wall. That'll come later again.

I spent Monday doing a bit of sewing. A whole pile of purses was laying around for days. I got a little bored as usual so I did experimentation on 2 of them. I gave them bases, one of them had a squarish base, the other was flat, but with some puff on the sides. There they are. Mum thinks they look classier. Or maybe she was getting tired of my flat Minis. I personally prefer the flat ones, or at most the puffed up sides. Somehow the boxed sides' kinda generic, non?

Finally, boxy pursuits Tuesday. I started figuring out this design on Monday since I got an order from a Flickr friend. I love boxy purses but I've been too lazy to actually figure this out coz I've had one too many failed attempts. Somehow I couldn't get my head around it. I wanted the inside to be as well sewn in as the outside. It proved impossible without hand sewing, taping of the exposed seams or simply leaving it exposed. :P It's technically only 2 days but I spent all my time thinking about it, in the shower, during my evening walk, during my sleep. Its that feverish! I tried and re-tried until the seams could take no more on my prototypes. I was plain annoyed and angry. I think I had migraines last night. Can't remember now! Anyways, I woke bright an early Tuesday (today) to give it a go again. This time I got it. And I made several versions for the prototype viewing. I'm happy to say my client is pleased! *whew!* The green/blue circles came from an old vintage tank dress, I made the ladybug one for my pen case and the country mint stripes with red flowers for my mum coz I know she'd want one when she saw it!

I also made this cute box/dice shaped one for fun. Its really tiny, 2.5" square with a cute yellow big gingham inside. Yaaaay for boxy purses!


sudsie said...

You have such talent! The mini box purse is darling. I can't imagine being able to *see* that small to make it.

What's in the glass jar in the 3rd photo - the one with your new purses [square base & puffy]?

Jill said...

Those are really cool, Lyn!

florspace said...

Thanks guys!

Sudsie, they're origami "balls", called tama. :+)

marsha said...

WOW! That dice shaped box thingy is SOOOOOOOOO NICE! me likeee!

marsha said...

hmmm....those elongated boxy thingies would be great for makeup ... :)

florspace said...

Thanks Marsha, I've got so much to make, its ridiculous! I need 30 more hours a day and the 18 hands of Goddess of Mercy. :P

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