Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Cute frenzy!

My dad's gonna kill me when he receives this month's credit card statement. I've spent an indecent amount of money on fabrics already and now this! I've been dying to collect them for a while but I didn't know what to do with them. Its utterly cute in theory but impractical in real life. Not anymore! I have my Blythe so I wanna make a kitsch kitchen diorama. This is the inspiration and this! How cool is that?!

Ok...besides hyperventilating about Re-Ments, I've mailed a whole bunch of things today including my girlfriend's birthday pressie, which I pray it'll arrive soon enough not to be indecently late. :P There's the Monogram plush made for her. Her name's Angela. I forgot to snap the back. Its really cute, with an X for the butt. hee!

Bought a bunch of tiny glass bottles, a gigantic pasta bottle for my origami tama (balls) coz I've no where to stick them, and 90 boxes of matches! Intended for the Matchbox Drawers but I've got to think about using the matches too. :P Hmm...I looked like I was gonna set fire to something with that many matches in hand. I had to get them coz the fatter drawer types are hard to come by. I'm not crazy about the slimmer ones. :+)

The fabulous Barbara has just started on her tutorial for the drawers so do pop in to learn how to make these cute and functional things! And she has a cute shop on etsy too! One very lovely patchwork bag in gorgeous fabrics is up in her shop for about a month now so do grab that if you love it! My lousy paypal account has been limited and I need to do some bozo faxing which is gonna take a while, if not, I would have grabbed that fab bag. :+(

I haven't been out much yet, plain busy with making a ton of minis for the shop! Lookie out! I'll be posting an email notice to everyone when it happens this weekend!

Minis in the making...

p/s: I know some pple have been hankering for deco tapes. This is what's available now, small ones are $2.50, large ones are $5, tiny ones are $1, before shipping! Let me know if you want some. :+)

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Jill said...

Oh no Lyn, the Re-Ments got to you too! I have yet to purchase any, but that's only because my credit card is getting away from me. (I had a slight buying problem in June) I just need to stay off the internet while I'm at work and I'll stop buying things! haha
I can't wait to see the new minis. :D

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