Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sweetie Pie

Sweetie Pie
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I made this really sweet zakka-style drawstring pouch the day before my 1st day at uni. I had only 1 thought in my head, dead woman walking. So, what does a woman on death row do? She crafts.

So I gathered some super cute scraps, cut them up and out pops one of the cutest pouches I've made. Who said stress was bad? I say it brings out the best in me. LOL But thats just me.

So this cute girly girl features the ever popular Sweetie Pie fabric, from Japan (where else?!) and a really really sweet slightly crinkled pink & white stripes on the top, bottom and inside. I think the crinkled look is fantastic. You don't have to press it and it still looks so cool. How convenient! Anyways, in the spirit of Japanese zakka style, I've also put a cute oat linen strip in the right bottom corner, that says, "So Sweet" with a pink cupcake right beside. How much cuter can it be!?Perfect for your lingerie/nightie on vacay and other girly stuff.

Its gonna be a one of a kind so pick it up today at my etsy shop. ;+)

p/s: For all who's worried about me & school, I'm good. I found a decent group for the marketing project and hopefully everything's gonna run good from there. My poor lecturer's very sick though. :P

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marsha said...

i saw this on flickr and yes, it's so sweet!

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