Saturday, July 21, 2007

Play catch-up, Diet Suicide, Going Blue

I played catch-up with 2 of my friends on Friday, had Sushi and a great time chatting away. Glad to see them doing fine and apparently, ahm~, they read my blog too! So hey Angela & Annie!, you guys always turn my bad days into good ones. Let's do dinner again next month!

Saturday, morning swim with mum again. 2 teenage guys were being gay in the pool, 5 kids in the swim class watched and played with delight. I tried my best to make my time worthwhile by swimming a couple more laps. But it was fun to watch what peeps do on Saturday mornings. :+) I came back and had a quiet hour with Craft Cafe + some knitting. Annie brought her knitting on Friday for some help. She was so modest about it but I'm so in love with the creamy color of her yarn on the wooden knit sticks. I can't help but wanna join the club. I rummage through my craft bags for those forgotten wooden needles and started reminiscing about my knitting days. Boy am I rusty! Annie, you're waaaay better than me now! I got a few rows so we'll see.

Gorgeous yet simple string of blue beads from Ana, Flickr FAA Parcel swap, Blue. Its funny coz I'm not usually a blue person but it seemed like a good idea then to join in. Then I received some fabulous goodies from Warm n Fuzzy & Ana, and those little blue things they sent me really got my inspiration growing! Blue might be the new pink for me....Can't believe I just said that! *gasp!*

DH would be so mad at me if he sees these. I lost a couple of pounds when I was in Sydney. He didn't liked me snacking so I quit choco & chips for 2 months. It was unbelieveable but it looks like quitting snacking can make you lose pounds. Then I came back here and started ravaging potato chips, Caramel Corn and Marks & Spencer's "extremely chocolately milk chocolate rounds". Not good. But how can a girl live without her chocolate? But I'm trying to be good and have Zaru Soba for lunches.

Thats my girl with her new shroom cap. I'm not sure if she likes it but it kinda looks cute on her anyways. ;+) It was just a random crochet thing and it turned out perfect on her head. Oh well.
I know some of you guys want some instructions for the Origami Tama. I'm a bit busy with family + school stuff but I promise I'll sit down soon to make one. :+)


Angel said...

It was really nice catching up with you and Annie. Yeah, we must have a gathering every month to keep our minds sane from the cruel working / studying world. ;) Have a nice Sunday!!!!!!

Fiona said...

Love the cap on your doll. Did you make that? I've always wanted one for mine but I can't knit! :)

marsha said...

love the shroom cap ... tres chic!

florspace said...

Fiona, yeap, I knitted out of boredom. hehe Do try though, can be pretty simple once you get across the learning curve! :+)

Thanks Marsha!

Yes, we must do that, Angel. ;+)

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