Saturday, July 28, 2007


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Finally, a zakka pouch I can call my own! All that gorgeous Japanese craft magazines got to my head and my life. I wasn't sure if I was able to create one as good as the ones in the magazines. The challenge was daunting. i tried and tried but nothing seem right. I had to give up for a while. Then one fine day (no thunder!) I sat down, grabbing these few fabrics and created this guy, oops, I mean girl.

I had hand-carved quite a few mushroom stamps and 2 went perfectly on the pouch. It seemed a little dull still, so I went ahead and patch the infamous Japanese-import cotton canvas mushroom. It kinda felt like the finishing touches! So, even if the worst happened, the stamped mushrooms fades in the wash, which it prolly won't coz I used permanent inks from Japan and heat-sealed them, the cute red mushroom will still stand! Genius! LOL

Anyways, its soft & sturdy materials combined to make this fabulously cute + functional pouch, perfect for gallavanting or lingerie in your overnight cases. I hate to be caught going to the bathroom with my underwear in hand. :+P

Carry your essentials in style people.


Jill said...

Oh Lyn, the stamps are wonderful!

marsha said...

it's amazing where sewing can get you!!! AMAZING. i can't sew for nuts and it's so nice to see what other people are able to come up with! :)

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