Saturday, July 14, 2007

Retro Kitty Shorty Tote

Retro Kitty Shorty Tote
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Woohoo! Finally. *wipes sweat*

I didn't know if I really wanted to sell this. LOL I wanted to keep it coz its too darn cute. One of the cutest fabric combination I've done so far, even though I don't really wanna play favourites with my creations in case the rest gets jealous and I get in trouble. :+(

This tote is pure thick Sanrio Canvas, all the way from Hello Kitty Land, aka Japan, so quality is promised. I combined it with real red cotton straps, long enough to go on your shoulders. Japanese denim inside with a tiny bit playing peek-a-boo on top. Bottom's a really pretty aqua polka dots cotton. One patch pocket for your smaller items. :+)

The wallet's a similar breed, with ivory cotton on the inside and double red snaps and red zipper to keep things safe. 5 pockets, because we've got too much stuff. Actually I need one on the outside for subway cards so I designed it that way.

I know some of you guys know that I've bashed in my thumb in when I was hammering in the snaps a while ago for another batch of wallets. But I've gotta say, I really really love making wallets, because they always turn out soooooo cute! And I'm in a constant dilemma if I should sell them. LOL. Anyways, they don't come out too often because they take quite a bit more time to conjugate and produce. Besides, I can only do hammering in the day, you know. ^___^

p/s: I got sick of calling them "cute" wallets so when I was editing the photos, I realised they kinda look like little boxes, and they were very much squarish by themselves, hence the name "Cube Wallet" was born. True Story.

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