Friday, July 20, 2007

Marsha Toh

Enough ranting. Have you seen Marsha's shop? She's got really beautiful hand-crafted jewellery that makes you wanna empty your pockets for! She's officially on my awesome people list. I'm so in love with her Lariats and the classy wooden beads... The idea of mixing chunky elements with delicate silver things is just divine! I'm doing a little swap with her and she's doing a little custom piece for me. I told her I preferred the surprise element and not to show me anything til the final product! I can't wait!

Oh and She's a Singaporean too! Just that she's now in London. thinks she's got one of the nicest necks around. Wait, is that your neck in the photos, Marsha?

And Marsha's little boy (oops! sorry for the mistake before!) is the one who named the necklace you see there!

p/s: your litte one is sooooooooo adorable! ^____~


marsha said...

Thank you SO MUCH for featuring me and my creations! Wow ... I'm so uber chuffed now and this has completely made my day! I think your little store full of zippy goodness is awesome as well! And yes, that IS my neck ... *blush* lol ... It's so nice to stumble upon fellow Singaporeans on Etsy ... Etsy does bring people closer together huh? Btw, my daughter didn't name that necklace, it was my son who did ... all my daughter does now is scream the house down when she doesn't get her way, but yeah, we're dealing with that issue now. :)

Your necklace will be ready soon ... and me thinks you're gonna LURVE it! And I can't wait for my sakura zippy too!

Once again, thanks for making my day!!! You're pretty awesome yourself! ;)

florspace said...

Thanks so much Marsha! You're always sooooo sweet! It means so much! oops, sorry about the mistake! Don't worry, your little girl will grow up sometime! ;+)

E & E Bungalow said...

Great feature on Marshatoh! She's absolutely fabulous and makes beautiful jewelry! A wonderful caring soul as well! And her kiddies are way cute! I love her lariats too!

florspace said...

Thanks E & E Bungalow! You have an awesome blog! :+)

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