Monday, July 02, 2007

Make Mushroom, Not War

Wooden Mushroom Guy!
Originally uploaded by craftsty.
How cute is this guy?! craftsty made this with just a wooden spool, a top cap and some paint! And she made some matchbox drawers too. I'm so excited about starting a Matchbox Drawers group on flickr so we can make those adorable drawers, fill them with goodies and send them as swaps or something. A collection of mini drawers sound too cool!

I managed to pack all the swaps and orders this afternoon so they're going to the post tomorrow, bright and early I hope. There was a blackout at 4am yesterday and it really freaked the hell out of me. I'm not good when alone in the dark. I sleep with a nightlight and radio on. I spent the remaining hours waiting for sunrise.

Its my best friend, Angela's birthday tomorrow so Happy birthday if you're reading! You get to be one year older earlier than I do! hehe But anyways, it'll be my turn soon. :P Hmm, instead of lamentations, I'm going to grow old gracefully. ^___^ Don't worry, your present's on the way.... I'll post a pic after coz I refuse to spoil the surprise!

Last but not least, let's make mushrooms, not war. My heart goes out to those in London. Take good care of yourselves!

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Devil's Son said...

that is really a cute mushroom guy!

great art..

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