Thursday, July 12, 2007

Today's sunset was gorgeous. I was rotting on the couch as usual after the evening briskwalk with mum, watching korean dramas and pigging out on tapioca chips my dad kindly brought back from Kuala Lumpur. I'm not usually the TV watching kind coz in my opinion, local dramas don't quite appeal to me. They are dripping of in-your-face propaganda which totally puts me off. I watch American TV mostly after 10pm when they come on. Unfortunately, I didn't get much sleep again last night. Something's torturing me. I have trouble falling asleep and when I do, I wake at 3, then 4, then 5 before I gave up and head for the loo with a magazine. Thats one more quirky thing about me. I like reading in the loo a lot. In fact, you might say I like hiding in there. Its weird coz I'm slightly claustrophobic yet I like smaller enclosed spaces where I know every corner. I can't accept black holes. Thats when I get into trouble with DH. He's an extremely private person. Bad childhood, 'nuff said. So I have to bend myself backwards not to pry into every single tiny detail which usually drives both of us nuts. Sigh.

Some of you have kindly offered condolences and sweet words so I do thank you from the bottom of my fabric bin. :+) Its amazing how the virtual community mean more to me than real life. There are days when I plan to go out, take a breather and walk around, but I end up at home, crafting and using the net. Somehow it does guarantee a lot more joy than dealing with frowners and nasties out there. I do hope this doesn't become a problem in the long run. Maybe these days I enjoy being more of a wifey wife (DH calls me that!), being home and performing wifely duties. It does seem more meaningful to me, to make someone else's life better than being in the rat race when you'd prolly be replaced faster than you can say "I quit". Hmm.....I suspect I'm getting older! Thats what my mum like to say, that I'm too old for my age.

So ramblings, ramblings. What's next? I had these pattern fabrics cut out before I headed off in april so I managed to get working on them. What do they look like? Cute cube wallets of course! I only had 3 made coz they can be difficult, though a lot of joy. I'm still using the mushroom one I made! Anyways, I plan to trickle them on etsy. Though the Retro Hello Kitty one prolly won't coz they don't allow. Boo. (pssst! I have a tote to match that one)

Ok, I gotta go. Pray I'd have a good night.


Angel said...

Who can be better "twins" than us? I read a lot in the loo too! I even have a magazine rack in the bathroom so that I can keep the "read of the day" in there. ;)

sudsie said...

A tote to match a darling HK cube wallet? Have I died and gone to heaven???

I hope tonight is wonderfully peaceful for you. *soft smile*


florspace said...

Angel, we ARE twins. LOL

dohdee, I'll be posting the pics on flickr soon. ;+)

zenissima said...

What a lovely sunset. Does Singapore have normal weather at the moment? Heavy snow in South-America and constant rain (plus no summer temperatures in July..) here in Holland.. boo!

Christmas will be here before you know it, time always flies by :)

Ooooooh.. those are so so cute. I adore the squirrel one. Matching tote? Wow. Is there space for bills inside? Can I order a set?? :D

Ah, I see you almost lost a finger over the last one you blogged about.. maybe not one of your favourite things to make, then.

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