Thursday, March 29, 2007

I needed a new wallet....& leaving on a Jet Plane!

I needed a new wallet....
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Loads of stuff happening these days and I always wanna blog about it but end up crawling into bed. Maybe I'm getting old. DH says I work too hard. Strangely I don't feel it, even though I single-handedly made a couple of hundreds of purses, I still feel I could do more. Its bad enough I don't feel the same about my second degree. My first one made me realise what I really wanted to do in life, my second one came along and messed everything up. The latter also made me realise that there are some things that we simply can't have in life and that the evil guy is dangling the carrot (read: passport) to moving out of this dump. Unfortunately, I'm calling it 60% dump again, yeap, gone up, because recently as I am preparing for my second wave of the Private Reserve Collection, I realised I was working in a sweatshop, quite literally. I was standing and cutting fabrics when beads of sweat simply fall from my face. It felt nothing less than being in a sauna. I was breathing fire though I wasn't fuming. So thats it. Thats why I could eat buckets of ice-cream and bars of chocolate (from my dear swap partners!) and not get any fatter! I was sweating it out during the day. Only bad thing is I end up having to have a good shower every evening coz I stink like hell, oh wait, like the dumpster (Lorong Halus, Singapore's renowned dump). Ewwww.

That said, yes I have finally applied for the second degree on wednesday morning. Yeap, I'm dropping from ACCA coz its driving me up the wall for 2 years now with no conclusion. It was a tough decision to make & its sad to give it up but I can't go on wasting more time and money (esp!). I hate myself for saying this but I'm not getting any younger. Hence the big switcheroo.

Oh and I was at the PO the other day and realised not all people here are bad. One guy, very cute guy, opened the door to the PO for me, which almost never happens, the usual lady at the parcels counter was really nice and smiley and my bus came on time. It was quite a nice day. I noticed that my buses always made me wait 15mins or more unless I'm with someone. Somehow being alone's jinxed. Having a person around makes things luckier. Or maybe its just me. Oh well.

I am hoping that DH doesn't read my blog. Its official. I'm visiting him at the end of April til the end of June, 2 months in la la land. 30th April 2007 is our 10th year anniversary of being together. Last year I couldn't be there so I send him a box of columbian reds with chocolates and he still has them at his desk even though all the fengshui people in the world preach that dead stuff are better thrown out. :P I guess I can't afford to send Columbian blacks (he loves black-everything) so I'm going to show up at his door in black! Not naked, lewders! LOL DH, if you're reading this, act surprised. :P

SO SO SO, you peeps have only 1 MONTH more to grab cute & fabulous purses from my shop and thereafter, I'll be gone for 2 months! I might bring existing stock from my shop to Sydney so if you're grabbing anything, I'll be mailing from Sydney but shipping would be significantly higher. I hate it too. :+(

p/s: I made that wallet coz I needed a risk-free-guaranteed-happy-change in my life. If you feel you need such a cute change too, feel free to mail me. ;+)


Jill said...
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florspace said...

Oh Jill, I've been so busy I haven't had time to think! Both shop and real life has been keeping me on my toes and off my comfy bed. LOL Don't worry, I'll continue to do picture posts when I'm hibernating in Sydney. ;+)

Jill said...

Oops I deleted my comment!!

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