Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Helluva start to week

So, I found copies of my mini zippereds on etsy and I've received both nice and reality checks feedback from you people. I don't feel bad about the reality checks comments even though they do hurt initially, I do recognize facts so instead of sitting and whining, I'm going to focus on the good sides, like what Jill said, I sold a lot and am thankful esp when Martina convo-ed me on etsy telling me my stuff looks better than others even though they may use similar fabrics. She bought 3 minis from me that very day! So so so...instead of wrecking myself with negative thoughts (which I'm used to doing for most of my childhood), I'm going to continue creating more fabulous things for you people who love my stuff!

Very soon, I'll be launching a "Private Reserve Collection", already seen as a section at my etsy shop, containing all the most fabulous fabrics I have in my collection. Full of the cutest and most coveted Japanese imports! :+) Still at affordable prices, I promise. Not revealing too much yet so keep your eyes peeled!

I'm still struggling with my very naughty throat who still refuses to behave, annoying me every 5 minutes, causing my head to go into convulsions and hurt. :+( Custom orders will still be worked on so not to worry, they are coming. Doctor's medicine didn't help. Big sighs.

I'm also having a bad swap week, receiving not-so-nice things and people not bothering to say thanks for my package. I guess I shouldn't say too much but I do appreciate enormously people who read my preferences and send things put together with an effort. Or maybe that was already effort to them. Oh well, at least I got something. I know I'm picky but at least I am proud to say I make efforts to send people things they want and thank people when they send me stuff. I think I'll be more careful with my swaps in future.

I'm still not figured out in my course thing. Its mighty confusing, mind boggling and thoroughly boring. I would choose to do a BA in Fine Arts if I had the choice. My Financial Management & Control lecturer says we should sleep 4 hours in order not to "waste" our lives away. I can't decide if he's being smart or plain crazy. I do agree its his choice, his life to do a lot before he turns to dust. But unfortunately, I don't function well with 4 hours. I prefer to have more functional hours than a lot of half-ass work in my day. Besides, the best things happen when I sleep. Dream, rest and egyption cotton sheets. I won't regret even if I was to be dead because I did what I really want to do. Since when did you let your heart lead you?

It may be a geographical location thing, but its my personal opinion that people here could learn how not to shove their own ideas of life and personal preferences down others' throats. We are different. Can't stress that enough. "You should do this to get this", "do this and you will get this result" etc. Don't wanna hear that anymore. My life is the way it is because I like it. I like working through the night and sleeping in the day. I hate corporate high flyers and corner offices because I've been there and I wasn't happy. Even though my office was on a high tower with spectacular views and beautiful surrounds, I never had time to appreciate anything. Because I was working, just plain working. When I had money, I spent more, waiting for my next paycheck became a painful routine. At the end of the day, the fact that I could be replaced simply allude to the fact that I wasn't working for anything, not for myself, but for an organisation that I felt nothing for. I had to ask myself that painful question that when I'm on my deathbed, could I go knowing I had done what I wanted to or did I wait and waited and never got the chance to do what I actually wanted to? Parents here would tell their kids, study hard and you'll get a good job, good pay and that usually equates to good life. But they never did realise that this path is never the only one, nor is it the right formula for everyone. They would tell us, you can do what you want when you have money. Yes, corporate high flying pays well but do we really have the time to do what we want outside of the job? People here work 12-14 hours on a standard basis. I want no part of that unfortunately. My life is not about spending my days in a box working for something I don't care for. I'd much prefer to bake cookies and make stuff for people who appreciates them. To me, its much more meaningful to actually make someone's life better than to be rich and never have enough of time and money to actually be happy.

But that's just me.


Jill said...

I know what you mean about the corporate jobs. I enjoy my job (usually) but I spend a lot of time sitting here dreaming about the things I could be making if I were at home. I just did it about an hour ago, in fact. And when I do get home (about 5 hours from now), I will dig out felt and make a little fruit slice pillow.
Or at least start to make it and fall asleep on the couch by 8pm.
Follow your heart, Lyn!

(P.S. I picked up a wonderful little package from the post office on Saturday! I couldn't be more excited, thank you!)

florspace said...

Thanks so much for reading my ramblings, Jill. It can't be worse being in Singapore. Do continue creating! ^___^

Jill said...

It's almost overwhelming to me to find people that share the same interests that I do...I don't have one crafty friend in Nebraska. Maybe I'll get that pillow done soon so I can post pictures. :)

florspace said...

Oh Jill, I don't have many crafty friends here either! Though, I'll be looking forward to your pillow! :+)

Sing Yee said...

I'm feeling the same thing. I'm currently in my 2nd semester of B. of Pharmacy in KL. I did it partly because it's my parents wishes that I should venture into a professional field, and partly because of my 'kia-su' nature *bet you'd have enough of this :P*. I'm juggling between crafting, selling-buying online, meeting new crafters online, doing swaps... and studying. I must say that I enjoy crafting and all that much MUCH more than science. :( I often find my thoughts wandering to Etsy's time machine 2 (what were the new things listed), crafts I've seen online, ways to promote my shop, etc etc.
And wanting to stay home to create and manage your online shop is the most natural thing a crafter would do. :) I often find myself doing that as well. :)
I've received bad swaps too. Really bad *shudders*. The last one was on a Flickr group. I was really disappointed and I haven't joined a group swap since then. :(
I hope things will go well for you. :)

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