Sunday, March 25, 2007


How time flies. Its been an interesting week. Its amazing how bad swaps and good swaps can affect one's mood. Stefanie's came and it really really lifted my mood. She sent me everything I totally need and want. The chocolates & tartlets are so good...

Then, there's always the real life part. I spend so much time online, its like I'm living 2 lives. The real one isn't nice. I'm close to the deadline of the application of my second degree, something I won't like to do but have to, in aid of migration later. I bet you've all at some point or other, hear about how I dislike this place. Yes, I've switched from pure hatred to a more endearing dislike. Perhaps someday I'll learn to love. LOL

I'm currently in the middle of a course I plain dislike. Its too much of a challenge I can't afford the time for. The lecturers speak in Singlish which irks me to no end, my classmates are mostly Chinese nationals here for more play than work. Most of my friends are working in real jobs and I hardly see them. Maybe its more rewarding to stay home, bolt the door, tune in to chillout music, eat my strawberries and administrate my little shoppe. Anti-social? Yes. Stupid? I don't think so. The thing is, everytime I leave the house, I leave myself open to random attacks by people. Bad manners, selfishness, violence, frowners, you name it. It leaves me nothing to hope for but to quickly run home and take cover. Just Saturday, I agreed to leave the house and go visit some travel fair at the convention centre. Boy, did I regret. I don't know about you guys, but I'm sensory defensive (sensory malfunction, not a psychological problem!) and get very irritated at slight uncessary and sudden contact with my skin. All my sensors will run to that spot and I won't be able to think of anything else for 5 minutes, except to slap, rub or scratch that spot. Why did I have to be born in Singapore? Navigating my way through the mall was like trying to get through a massive crowd counting down for Christmas at Times Square or something. The people all behave like they own the paths. No offence but strollers and families piss me off a lot. The ones here will spread themselves out, walking slowly enjoying the stroll oblivious to the mass of people behind trying to get through. I used to be polite and nice. Now I just plain push. Its no use bring nice anymore. Nice doesn't cut it in a selfish and cosmopolitain city like this one. Suffice to say I'll much prefer to stay in with my 2 metres radius of comfort zone for free play. I hear the government is desperately trying to increase the population by another million. *Shudder* I plan to get out of here before that happens. I lament too much.

There it is! Launch of summer totes at my website! Cheap and chic totes I couldn't help picking up to share. Very limited numbers and at only $5 each! Go grab some! ;+)

I've been procrastinating these for too long. Sometimes it just takes time, photo shooting, editing, uploading, concentration, efforts, mood, the works. Glad I spent sunday doing work! I fell asleep on the couch after dinner and woke to I, Robot on TV. I think I'm fully depreciated now and I'll go rest.


elisa said...

I don't enjoy big pushy crowds either, so in a way my town is nice, just 16 000 people and the whole island which is 2672 km² - almost 4 times the size of Singapore - has only 40 000 people!

florspace said...

Oh Elisa, you're in one lucky place! I can't turn around without knocking into 5 losers. And I'm not being funny.

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