Thursday, March 01, 2007

Oh Lord, its March!

Time is flying. Still nothing.

"A caterpillar
this deep in fall--
still not a butterfly"


This pretty much sums up how I feel right now. I'm gonna come clean. I failed my accountancy papers I sat for last Dec. There, I said it. As usual, my mum's bugging me about my path again. That course means absolutely nothing to me. Its just an avenue to get migrated to Australia more easily, better job, higher pay, the whole nine yards. Thing is, I've tried the high power jobs, having high pay and a view from where I sit. Did I feel better then? Nope. I was pretty much braindead, everything in my head I used to have went to mush and stuff that got my interest was consumerism. The new bag, the Hello Kitty bazaar at the office block.... Yeap, I earned more, I spent more. I was still left in debt, waiting for my next paycheck. Plus, I had a job that was scarily black and white. They yelled at me when I tried to inject some colors in the Excel spreadsheet. Thinking of the prospect of bedoing this for the next couple of decades rock my a scary way, very scary. I need mind stimulation and creativity. I have ADHD and can't sit still for long. I wriggled in my seat far more times than DH's brother who watched Epic Movie with me today. I think they tried too hard; it wasn't funny anymore. Just sad. :P
Truth time? I do get jealous of high power executives every once in a while, clad in silk/wool suits, crisp white shirts, designer totes, patent leather shoes. But looking back at what I faced and what they are still facing makes me heave a sigh of relief. I suspect I was a hippie in my last life. I'm born to create and live life as a tree hugger. Ok, maybe not that sacrelicious, but I fear commitments. Having a job is like having a kid. No wait, a kid is worse. 24/7 for 18 years at least. Thats no kidding matter, pun intended. I'm thoroughly enjoying my extended adolescence, though I know that can't last for long. I leech too much on my parents even though I work very hard on my shop. I'm not complaining because I love what I do and thats priceless. To me. Still, I do get stuck. And people hounding for my blood makes it worse. sigh.

Cotton Friend and Cotton Time is my 2 best friends right now. I just wanna chill out so bad. DH was here the last 3 months and I never had enough sleep. Yes, I sleep too much, 9 hours, but I need that much to function. And 3 months of that was bad enough. I did appreciate DH being here though. Its hard not to miss his snores. Now its plain cold and quiet.

Ribbon swap on swapbot! I received my 1st package from swapbot ever! LOL Its a pack of real gorgeous ribbons from someone coz someone threw out the package, together with the name and address so.... yeah, it can be silly sometimes. I loved the ribbons though. Can't wait to use them! :+)

Next up! Lotus's birthday package. This girl is amazingly nice! She bought the tote from me for her own birthday so that I could have a flickr pro account. Its like 2 birds with one stone! So, since its for her birthday and she did something so nice for me, I decided to return by making her tote more fun - add loads of nice things! There was also a pencil set, sent to me by the lovely Christine but I'm not making use so I passed it on and a handmade birthday card. Hope she likes it! ^___^

Last but not least, before I have to rest my fingers (!!), my 1st summer tote! I made this in winter (eye roll) coz I couldn't resist the utterly adorable french fabric. I was contemplating keeping it but my bag collection can form mountains! Hope someone grabs it and help my horrible financial state. Here!

(I heard my dad say he wants me out soon.)
Its tradition for asian kids to live with their parents til they get married. hee

Ok, I have to go.


Jo said...

Hi girl! This is DIY Obasan from Flickr... I guess all creative folks go through tremendous struggles... Pragmatism is forever getting between us and our love for craft.... yes? :) Your works are great and you've done so much in the past few months since I first saw your photos on flickr. Me, on the other hand, was drawn into the abyss of work which totally killed my creativity... Hmm... I am not getting very coherent here, but I do wish to encourage to 'jia you'!!! As long as you do what you love, you will never regret it... Hugs...

masko said...

Cotton times is one of the sewing magazines I used to buy as I started sewing 10 years ago. I learned a lot from the mag.

I looove the yellow tote (with a girl and a cat) It's so cute!

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