Thursday, March 01, 2007

Surprises are so nice....

I was working hard at my machine today when the door came a-knocking. A package came with no return address. The smoke from the postman was annoying but a surprise package! I wreck my brains for recent purchases. None. And this one seems to be mailed locally. My trusy blade opened the box and I was so surprised and happy to find that its from Joseph! We were supposed to do a collaboration project which I sent him some fabrics for. The note on the very cute box of cookies said he was in Japan and couldn't work on it. You shouldn't have Joseph! Though I'm a huge fan of Japan-anything and with memories of the delectable cookies from Osaka-Universal Studios, I know this one's gonna be just as great! I love the cute tin box too! I was actually going to buy a vintage tin robot and seeing a cute print of it on the box just totally clicked! LOL I was delirious coz I'd always had the impression that anything this fab has to be bought myself and missing a trip myself to Japan this year is heart-breaking.
Anyways, its Yum City. Population: ME!

Yup, socks. From my fav Muji Store in my suburb. They were closing, though these socks weren't on sale. I realised it only after I grabbed them and skipped over to the counter. They were too cute and soft to miss. I think I had a long day. They seem to scream comfort to me at that time. I'm going to miss them. Now I'd have to make a longer trip to the city for Muji.

Beads and Button Matchbox fill swap on swapbot. I'm joining a ton of swap over there coz some of them are really meaningful to me. This one's too cute to miss. Its my first matchbox swap and its going to Ella. Hope she likes it. Loads of beads & buttons. Mostly pink, as usual!
Its been raining rather heavily these 2 days. I'm going to the PO tomorrow. Have to send DH's Hinamatsuri package too. Its a girl's day thing but I couldn't not send him those goodies I found from the supermarket. They were flown in for the event, pink and cute! I'm not taking a picture coz its a surprise. ;+) Off to read for now. Classes start tomorrow + more enquiries for other degree. I hate to even think about that one. Hope you guys are having a better time!

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when you have nigthmares. Do you create?

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