Saturday, March 03, 2007

Midnight snack and hedgehogs

Midnight snack is diet suicide. Blame DH for the tea from Sentosa and the yum-cookies from Joseph! I had a long day. Make that very long. I managed to rush-pack everything this morning and mailed them all. Then I rushed to school. Then begin the long lessons and dreary warnings of looming exams and stuff. I have trouble understanding the lecturers; they use Singlish. Yes, I'm still appalled. Its a professional exam for god's sake. Do they have to stoop so low? Never mind all that, I failed my exams, mainly because I have trouble with their explanations. Using a mix of Singlish, mandarin, dialects, malay and god-knows-what isn't doing me any good at all. I'm motivated by intelligence and wisdom, not exam-oriented bozos. I'm beginning to think this isn't a good idea at all. My CPA-clad cousin told me, the course is more for working people, in the industry who have had the experience and are looking to move up. Well, I've been working here but somehow it seems that everything's not working out coz the language is bad. Its indeed easy to just blame something but I really do need someone who knows what he's talking about, not just scoring the question and passing the papers. I hate that. Its an oxymoron.
So I ended up at Starbucks after the lesson, hoping to read the class notes myself to see if I could figure some things out for myself. No such luck. Even the notes are like strings of estranged information that doesn't link up. I remember telling myself, "you're in so much trouble". My mind started to wander furiously by itself like a hungry dog on a leash chasing sausages. I thought of box purses, coasters, aprons, tea mats. It was just running away! I had to jerk it back to my notes several times. The sun started to set and I was left in the mood of low lights and jazzy tunes. I gave up. couldn't fight it no more. I sipped my grande latte and flip thru Home & Decor and miraculously my mind stopped giving me headaches. I remembered experiencing the mind-wandering process during my school days but it was never as furious as this time. I was the most comfortable in English, Literature and Art classes. I scored like hell because my mind never wandered. In fact, all the wandering it did was to go deeper into the subject at that time. I don't know how long can I really hide this. I don't want to disappoint my parents by venturing into the unknown but I'm facing trouble on the straightroad. Crossing my fingers and hoping to pass my papers probably isn't enough. I need help motivating myself really bad.
On the other side, My newest tote + mini! My favourite little animal - the hedgehog surrounded by squirrels and mushrooms! Coupled with pink dot grosgrain ribbon and chocolate canvas, this makes one irresistible combination! Its pink gingham inside with a pocket! Mini comes with the same choco canvas behind and ivory inside. Cute pink satin ribbon tie on the zip! ;+)
Go here!


ün ösö pändä said...


Jill said... much is that fabulous bag gonna set me back? I have some of the hedgie fabric but I can't use a sewing machine to save my life!

florspace said...

Hey Jill, if you're still hanging around, its $25. Mini is $6. I'm going to list it on etsy but if you'd like to grab it, just mail me. :+)

Jill said...

I'll take 'em! I'll send an email to your gmail account.
:) So excited!

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