Monday, March 12, 2007

Japanese Collection + sick (again...*yawn*)

I'm feeling a little wonky tonight, coz I'm sick, yes, again. Throat infection from Thursday, fever Friday, Doc on Saturday, blah blah blah. I'm basically coughing my lungs out right now and each time I do that, my head goes banging and blacks out for seconds. I knew something was wrong on Thursday coz I didn't eat much, felt cold and my head was burning in the night. I didn't have a good night and I knew I was in a lot of trouble coz I have classes on friday. Nonetheless, I survived on painkillers and wrestled through 8 hours of classes on Friday and stumbled home at 11. I woke with a really bad throat, so swollen and hurt, I couldn't talk. Mum dragged me to the Doc's. I got some medication which gave me some rashes by now, warranting another trip to the Doc's tomorrow. :P Anyways, regardless of the Doc's orders to rest, I made my usual mail trip to the PO as scheduled, mailed stuff and collected my only salvage of the day - cute fabrics. I spent all Sunday sewing again, oblivious to the fact that I'm sick. I think I can't sit around, or I'll feel sicker than I need. It'll be so much more productive to be active. Not to mention the amount of work waiting. Maybe this is it. The job I won't feel repulsive to wake to on Monday morning and the job I'll continue pouring my heart and soul into even when I'm sick. Medication made me a tad weak-ish but, "meh!".

I got some big orders after launching my Japanese Collection. I had those fabrics for a couple of months before really bringing them out. I'm such a hogger and I know if I don't at least use a bit of them, I'll have to rent a warehouse soon right before the folks kick me out! Anyways, I love them and really enjoyed making them though I had them scheduled to launch in January but you know, DH was here and he'll be so mad at me if I didn't spend time with him before he goes back to Sydney. So now he's gone, I'm back to sewing up a storm, listing everyday and stuff. I'm also secretly planning to pull out a bit of my neo-japanese fabrics for minis. So look out for them.

Painful things to note - I wonder if its ethical to be using another's product names? I ran a search on etsy and realised people have been using "Mini Zippered" to sell their pouches. Before I started selling them on etsy, no one really put both these words together for the description of their pouches. I'm thoroughly hurt and annoyed. Its horrible to me since I was the one who came up with the name and the idea to make these pouches only with fabulous materials. I didn't go on etsy and observe popular products before merely copying my own. I took time to think, design and experiment before I dared to sell them. Though I recognize that copies are inevitable in current markets, I feel horrendous when it happens on etsy, a place for indie designers and originals. I don't deny the idea of a zippered pouch is that avant garde but do people have to even stoop so low to steal a name? I wish they were nicer which is why I totally support people who make real originals. :+)

Anyways, for people who have been supporting me so much, HUGE thanks & warm hugs! You know I love you guys and will continue to create the best because I know you deserve it. ^___^


Jill said...

I hope you feel better soon! Hot tea always helps me when I'm sick.
I noticed you sold a ton of stuff on Etsy this week, yaay! I know what you mean about the copycats, I've seen quite a bit of it going on lately. Just know that your pouches are the best and your loyal customers will come to you!

lalaland said...

It sucks abt the copycats. But I think ur pouches are really kinda generic don't ya think? So I guess it's just expected to see similar ones out there..

Sing Yee said...

It's really quite hard to think of another name for something that's really a 'mini zippered pouch'. However, I do know the feeling of people copying my work, when it's totally obvious. But since you're making quality items, eventually, people will realise and come to you. :)

mandy said...

I agree. 'Mini zippered pouch' is more a descriptive term than a name, would 'small zippered pouch' make much difference? I think not. It's better to emphasise on your products' quality than their "original" design or name since your designs are common. I've seen some of your bags in zakka books long ago, and everyone in etsy is making a plain rectangular pouch. It would be losing a war you started yourself.. Good luck

florspace said...

Thanks for your comments, even though it hurts. It may seem generic right now when its out but I actually took time to think about stuff we use everyday and what we need to put inside. The size, shape and name are my efforts. "Mini Zippered" is a name I thought of myself as well. It may seem generic as well but thats because I wanted people to have a name to remember my stuff by. I don't use "pouch" or "purse" since they are even more generic that way.

It is a war I started but isn't everyone doing the same thing when they sell their stuff? We all try to be unique but really, there isn't anything really unique out there anymore, its just a combination of what we come across.

Mini Zippereds isn't just rectangular purses. They are useful, functional, and most of all cute, with fabulous materials and great workmanship. And they ain't rectangular either, they have rounded corners. ;+)

For now, I'm thankful people love my stuff. You know who you are and I love you all.

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon!!!! Love the little minis. Too sweet. Sorry you're being copied.

Just checking out other swap-bot member blogs and saying hello!

sónia said...

Your Mini Zippered are great, i love the shape, colours, fabrics.
All the best for you.

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