Monday, July 16, 2007

New Additions!

New Additions!
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Yaaaay! New NEW NEWWWW~~~~~!

LOL I got excited with these 2. I was having a very hot and bored shopping trip one day and when I found these 2, my eyes popped a la Homer Simpson! Don't mind me, I love Simpsons. I can recite their scripts backwards if need be!

Anyways, these are Japanese-Import, quilt-quality fabric. Utterly soft and gorgeous to hold, with amazing prints of white piggies on red and mushrooms(!!) on pink! 2007 is piggy year according to the chinese calendar so this one's dedicated to 2007!

They are all up on etsy right now in limited numbers so grab yourself a cute purse today! No reason not to! ;+)

p/s: florspace was mentioned in Wickedly Chic: Daily Ditties 15th July.

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