Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

Florspace wishes everyone a Happy Independence Day!

This picture proves I wasn't slacking! Making the Minis was fun, taking pictures, editing and resizing them drives me up the wall coz its so monotonous. But they are almost all done now! Just a teaser sneak peek at whats to come! A Private Reserve Collection Part Deux is on the way, though in very limited numbers so save up your moolah! They are in those very coveted Japanese canvas & cottons, perfect for gift giving. But we all know you'll end up keeping it! I use a Mushroom wallet & several minis to keep organized and I keep getting asked where I got it! So now you know! ;+)

Actually I'm really really beat now. I might just microsleep and type nonsense so bear with me. I was up all night last night making Matchbox Drawers coz I was waaaaay too excited to keep it any longer and I couldn't find time to fit it in. Daytime is for scouring supplies & kawaii, posting stuff and picture taking. Night time is for cyberspace and general online administration. Where's the time for craft!? Like Barbara said, we need 30 more hours in a day for this already!
Oh I forgot to ask, does the chest look nice? We're doing a summer swap so I figure this might go well. Hot, summery, kinda sexy, though laid back and smells of the sea.

p/s: Angela got her birthday box and she liked them! *phew!* + I'm super duper excited about my ordered Re-Ment sets to come these couple of days!


Angel said...

My dear gal, Thanks a lot for remembering my birthday and sending me such lovely stuff. I am really touched. :) Can't wait to meet up with you next week. ;) Have a nice weekend!

Blossom Hill said...

My goodness Lyn you have been so busy sewing. I agree with you on the taking photos bit, it can get pretty tedious and frustrating especially when the photo doesn't do the item justice sometimes. Those little squirrel minis look cute hidden away in there :)


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