Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hello Mia! + Shop Celebration Announcement

Past few days went by like a blur. I think I slacked a little but still managed to get laundry and some purses done. I've also carved out some mushrooms for stamping which will prolly be showing itself in my creations pretty soon. Rubber stamp carving can be therapeutic somehow. I do it really late at night when all is quiet and I'm lying around on the armchair with Jazz/blues on the radio. I reckon its the best time to get stuff done. The weather's pretty unforgiving in the day, leaving me mostly hot, sticky, migrained and generally flat by 4pm. I think I need a night job. Or I'm praying DH will finish his PhD soon so I can move out of here. I think I miss him quite a bit. He's in Tokyo for a convention these 2 weeks + having a great time shopping. *Green wif Jealousy!* I'm broke, which pretty much explains why I'm not there. :+(

I managed to send out Melissa's tote for the Bag Ladies Swap as well. Hope she likes it! I'm not showing it yet though. :P I've also received the last instalment of the FAA blue parcels. Strangely, I haven't heard from the peeps I posted to. I'm praying they got to the rightful people, safe & sound. Sometimes its just so hard to make sure it reaches wherever its supposed to go, which is why I have a pretty deep love-hate relationship with the postal system. Like the world, there's always good and bad people around. I think I prefer to meet good ones. Speaking of, I'm supposed to get a custom necklace from Marsha, she made a really nice design for me but I wasn't sure if it was me and I didn't quite put it the right way to her. She was really nice about it and I promised to love the necklace anyhow. Thinking of which, I'm quite a strange person. When something catches my eye, I wanna grab it, own it, thinking I'd love it forever, but its forgotten in some corner in a blink of an eye. Its the ones I'm not sure about that really lasts a long time. Its my lifelong dream to study how my brain works. I swear its got a life of its own and it spents at least 75% of its time laughing at me. Sigh.

Anyways, I'd prolly love it. Her designs are really really special. It takes time to love. The more you see it, the more you develop an affinity for it. Its amazing how that happens!

Oh, MOO tells me my notecards & stickers are on the way. *happy*

Oh, that very sweet/cheeky girl up there? She's been my blythe for 3 months now and I haven't got a name for her. Then I finally had an epiphany this evening. Her name is Mia, in honor of Mia Farrow & Woody Allen's "seperate togetherness" relationship, which I kinda worship, since I'm "weird" about stuff and space. :P

Mia: "Hey everyone..."

p/s: BIG NEWS!!! Florspace's ONE YEAR OLD on 8th August + Lyn's Birthday (Sept)! Party is coming! ALL Mini Zippereds in the Petites section will be just $5 for TWO whole months, AUG & SEPT! Including any new Mini Zs on the way, which is a whole BUNCH! Isn't that cool?! Save your moolah now!


Kari said...

Are you reopening your Freewebs store again anytime soon?

florspace said...

Hey Kari,

Yikes, I'm been quite busy recently with the reopening and the shop's anniversary. However, the items in the zakka store is still available! Just give me an email on what you need from there and I'll let you know shipping and everything. :+)

So sorry!

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