Monday, July 09, 2007

I've got limitations

If you haven't heard, my paypal has been limited, actually since June 4th when they sent me a notification that someone has tried to break in. I wasn't really using it at that time but nonetheless annoying, especially now when I need to make transfers. I'm actually a bit confused on why would they limit the person's account when they suspect a break in, instead of looking for the culprit. I mean faxing documents and waiting for them to restore the thing is a serious pain the ass. It actually sucks, big time. I know that coz in the 10 years that I've used paypal, I've been limited twice. This is the 3rd time. There's virtually nothing to do except sitting on my ass and wait. (I also wanna say that I'm using them because I'm forced to and that they're a bunch of sleazebags who charge a shitload of money without giving decent service. So sue me.)

Apart from the above reason for the candid title of this post, I need to say this even when I've said it before, The Dumb Weather Is Too Darn HOT! Its not even bearable anymore! 35degC means we can't walk outdoors. My migraines hit 3 times as often, not to mention dehydration and stress-causing shingles on my back. And after a day of retail therapy, we're supposed to feel good about all that stuff swishing at the bottom of the bag, not feel utterly crappy, with urgent need for a good shower and heading for the airconditioned room. I know, I know, there's nothing I can do about the weather here except move. But that prolly won't happen for another couple of years. Being at home daytime is my perfect time for SSBs (Secret Single Behaviors), when I can have free time to live in my little quiet world, creating and thinking about new things to make. OK, I admit it right now, I caress my fabrics and smell them to feel good. There, I said it. :P

Anyways, today's shop loot include some seriously cool cram cream deco tapes, cute animal clips for my fabulous customers & of course, fabrics. ;+) And ps, I had brunch with the ladies. Ok, its Dim Sum with some family pple. Hearing them complaining about their lives and how rebellious kids are. I bet I can hear my mum's sighs of relief that her ordeal with me's over coz I've finally learnt to cherish time with them. We've all got parents and they won't be around forever, you know.

p/s: Apologies for not going to the PO as often as I should. Promise it all goes out tomorrow, hell or high water. I'm hungry, gonna go grab a burger.

My buttload of fabrics. This is like 1/4 of what I actually have? LOL

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marsha said...

WOW! That's 1/4 of what you have?????? You know, I could get used to this fabric love ...

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