Monday, July 23, 2007

Who needs a manicure when you can craft?

ETSY never looked better! They have free stuff! Ok, I'm a bit S-L-O-W but seriously, I'm only one person so sometimes it does take time to find out these things. :P I was actually snooping around for stuff to put on my spartan blog so I wanted something from etsy, hence the great find! I'm gonna print out these super-duper cute postcards and pop them in with my orders! How great are the etsy admins for putting these free stuff up? Who's got button makers? Make me some of those etsy buttons! Hell, make a hundred and tell a whole bunch of peeps how cool etsy is! I can find everything, almost everything on etsy and I'm not even gonna name anything coz I'll be in so much trouble for missing some good stuff somewhere! LOL I have to watch how much I'm surfing etsy for fear of emptying my pockets! ... *gasp!*

Bummer News! ----- I heard that some poor sellers on etsy are being convo-ed nasty messages like how crappy their stuff is or how expensive their things are. Thats NOT cool so please don't do that to those poor sellers. These people must all be given a fair chance and respect for what they have produced. It may not be your cup of tea but please keep those comments to yourself! I know how those comments can feel and it can really hurt. We don't wanna cause any suicides, now do we? So be nice.

Grocery day Sunday. I woke a bit late coz I had terrible dizzy spells Saturday night. Then realised I had a mountain of stuff to do. Bazillion purses to make, erasers to carve, mini patchwork quilts to finish, plushes to make for peeps,.... Anyways, I took a bit of time to sand off the ugly corners of some wood monograms I picked up on Saturday. *pifft!* All that sand dust wasn't fun though the sanding part was. I'm glad my fingernails are short or there it goes. Who needs a manicure when you can craft? It was grocery shopping after and lugging them home. I'm so glad Dad bought the car. I feel shiawase to be in a private car again. Public transport is forever a nightmare for an agoraphobic.

Edit: MOO Stickers! They ship free for month of July ONLY! Get in quick. I've got my 2 packs and I've done some notecards from them too! Can't wait to see them! Those MOO minicards really are addictive.... :P Check out the MOO Flickr group.


marsha said...

OMG! What's this MOO STICKER THING???? I checked it out, thanks for the link and it's AWESOME!!!!! I MUST GO GET SOME!!!!!!!

It's horrible re the nasty convos ... I mean seriously, do these people have any feelings whatsoever??? Apparently not.

Ok, I am off to check out moo prints now!!!!!! :)

florspace said...

hehe The MOO goods can be so attractive and addictive. Don't blame me if you're hooked! LOL

Jill said...

My husband and I have been going through all our digi-photos to find good ones for Moo cards! I want to make magnets out of them!

yaaay for Etsy! It amazes me how much $ I've spent on there in less than a year. 0_o

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